“Alt” Key Still Not Being Recognised For Some Actions In HFP 13

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Hello all, I seem to have encountered a problem with the latest HFP12 and now in v13 on macOS Mojave
It seems that the Alt/Option modifier is often being ignored when performing actions.
(I have by no means done an exhaustive check of all possible uses of this modifier key!)
But yesterday I encountered 3 problems in a row trying to use it where it was being ignored and thus preventing the desired actions:
1: Performing L and J cuts. (Handbook p167) Fixed
2: Vertical scrolling through Video & Audio tracks. (Handbook p158) Fixed
3: Auto duplicate and drag of a clip. (Handbook p159)


  • The Alt key got broke somehow in a recent update... There are a few other threads where people have noted Alt key issues. The devs have taken note of it.

  • Thanks the quick reply triforcefx, good to know it’s being taken care off.

  • Have just updated to HFP v13 and sadly the three problems I was having in my first post are still here.
    Though I notice that doing J & L cuts is listed as being fixed in the release notes?
    Any other users still having ‘Alt’ key problems on a Mac.

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    What tool are you using with ALT to try make J and L cuts? Make sure you are using the Select tool, which is the one it works with.

    For copying clips, the shortcut is actually ALT+CTRL.

  • Hello Axel and thanks for replying here. And also for all your great tutorials

    Well, it’s a bit odd, have restarted the computer since my last post and now holding the Alt key dose temporarily unlink video and sound to facilitate J & L cuts!

    My other two problems in my original post do still seem to persist. The most frustrating one not being able to drag to duplicate a clip while holding the Alt key.

  • @markw If you're on Windows, the correct modifier to duplicate clips on the timeline is Ctrl (Command on Mac). I checked here and it seems to be working as expected. Am I missing something here?

  • Hello Cedric,
    Just to clarify things a bit first;
    1: I’m on a Mac.
    2: The J & L cuts are now working for me after the restart.
    3: Vertical scrolling is working too. Sorry, my bad there!
    4: So, my remaining problem now is with this description from the manual; “Holding ALT (OPT on Mac) while you drag a selected clip will duplicate the clip, and drop a new copy where you release the mouse button.”
    If I try following that description in the Editor all that happens is the clip is just moved, leaving a hole where it just came from.

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