I made a vfx short film using hitfilm express !


This is my first ever visual effect short film made by my favorite software hitfilm express. Do check out and give me some advice!


  • Well its pretty dam solid for a first ever. Some nice editing, use of VFX and pace. I love the credit look. Keep it up.

  • Thank you @Andy001z , and yes its my first ever 😅. The credits was purely my ideas and imagination , i wanted to make it similar to the Marvel's end credits so i just played around with the keys , positions , scales and color setting ! Thanks for your comment 😊

  • Very good. Very funny and clean effects. Great job regardless of it being your first ever.

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    Thank you @DrafterThings , I really appreciate your time for commenting . 😊

  • Nice work. I bought Hitfilm pro because I love the product, but guys like you are showing everyone that the express version is still a great piece of kit. I agree with the above comment, keep it up.

  • @kiplake Thank you buddy ! Hitfilm pro is great software and have more stuff than the express versiom. Hopefully I'm also goin to buy the pro version oneday . (I can't right now because i haven't earned any money yet  😅).

  • "Why is your hammer so tiny?" Genius ! 

  • @AM_OVIDE Hahaha ! Thanks 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yup, I agree with everyone else. Nicely done short. Effects are clean, jokes are funny, and the end title style is beautifully comic-booky. 

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    Thank you @Triem23 , it was my most favorite part making these credit ! I just can't wait to see people watch my upcoming vfx  short films on YouTube! I'm so happy to see these positive comment on my video ! This inspired me to make more of them and learn more filming techniques ! 

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