Process Finished Unexpectedly (HitFilm Express 12)

Im trying to upload a video for Youtube. I just have an audio track and a picture that i used for this project
My first time trying to export Youtube was already selected in the Built-In Presets and i pressed export then (In-Out) then started exporting and soon after it said error Process Finished Unexpectedly 
I retried a few times
Then watched a couple Youtube videos on how to export and decided to make my own exporting preset in "User Presets" 
For the settings to the preset i put what i seen in this video ( )
The link should take you to the video and at the time of when it shows the preset ( 13:38 )
This as well didn't work 

I hope someone can help me fix this issues, Thanks. 


  • Try exporting under "contents" instead of "in and out." 

  • It didn't work, i tried exporting vimeo instead of youtube in the Built-In Presets and that didnt work either 

  • Same. I am trying to export a gaming video montage and it won't let me export it:( It says Process finsished unexpectedly


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