Feature Request: Raw format support request?

It would be pretty awesome to be able to import R3D snapshots into Imerge… :)



  • I mean, there are cheaper dslrs that shoot better DNGS & CR2's then the EPIC's R3D. I GET that there are times filmers shoot Motion + Stills, 

    I guess my question is, why are EPIC stills sought after? Admittedly, I have had limited contact with the RED lineups.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Hictor all respect to WhiteCrane, but most user's requests are based on what they themselves do, and not  necessarily what potentially benefits the most users.

    WhiteCrane happens to shoot RED a lot, so it's in his personal best interest for RED support. Also, WhiteCrane likes FXHOME software  so RED support lets him get more use from the FXHOME software and, potentially have Hitfilm and Imerge replace other tools. 

    For the devs, RAW is tricky. Every sensor has its own unique response, so you don't code RAW(DNG is RAW) support, you code RAW support for a sensor, then repeat for other sensors. This is why photo editing apps always have new cameras in the changelogs.... Some coder wrote ANOTHER RAW parser.

    While I'd love RAW support I do get it's not "one and done." It's constant, ongoing support. And every new camera that requires a new RAW parser pulls one of six devs off bug fixes, improvements and new features. 

  • Ah. I had no idea!

    Fair points. I suppose I allowed my biases to speak on this one. 

  • @WhiteCranePhoto We will put it on the internal backlog and see what we can do.

    If anybody else is interested in this then please do register your interest by commenting here as it will help us prioritise it against other stuff in the pipeline.

  • @Hictor Really, the only ones that do are medium format. The digitoys… no. I have a Sony A7R and a Red Epic-W... My Red's color and detail as well as dynamic range are quite a bit nicer than my Sony's, and the resolution is nearly identical. 

    @rikkiloades Cool, I'm hoping. 

    @Triem23 Red and Black Magic raw are actually quite a bit easier in that regard; you only have to integrate one SDK each. The rest is under the hood; to get EVERY Red sensor model's support and EVERY (well, right now just one) Black Magic camera that supports braw, one SDK. That was one of the Big Innovations (tm) that Red introduced years ago. It's not like the quagmire of DNG that has to be sensor specific.

    Another reason that I'm hoping for Red (and eventually also braw) support is that it would entice people using Red and Black Magic cameras (especially as more of BMD's latest cameras get braw support) into giving HitFilm a try. 



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @WhiteCranePhoto thank you for the correction.

    @rikkiloades +1

  • +1 Here as well!

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