Export error: process could not be completed

my video wont finish exporting it stops at 60 percent and says error process could not be completed


  • .......i cant export cause of this error

  • One thread per question please. It's not helpful to you or anyone else to post two threads for the same question 30 minutes apart. North America is mostly asleep right now, and most of Europe is at work on their days jobs. Sometimes it takes a while for users to respond. (and it's 1:30 am for me. Why am I even on the forums at this hour?)

    You've given us absolutely zero useful information to start figuring out your problem.

    For starters, what are your computer's specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage? Have you installed all critical OS updates and are your GPU drivers current?

    Which version of Hitfilm are you running (Pro/Express and exact version number)?

    What is your video? Are you doing something low-key (like basic editing of screen captures) or are you doing something elaborate involving lots of layers and compositing?

    Hitfilm's Export Queue tells you the exact frame it's currently working on. You should be able to figure out the exact area that it's crashing on. What kinds of edits do you have on that exact frame? Do you have a lot of animation or effects work in one section of the video that's different from the rest?

  • Estoy usando hitfilm express 12, versión 12.3.8815.7201, mi proyecto es interrumpido de igual manera a los 3 o 4 segundos de exportar. Mi ram es de 4gb, están disponibles 3.86, mi proyecto es una presentación de 4:44 minutos con efectos básicos como transiciones y zoom. No entiendo por que está pasando esto. ¿Pueden ayudarme? No hablo inglés.

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