How do i make an object orbit another?

Hello Hitfilm Community!  I am very confused on one thing while using the software.  I am making a 2D retro style RPG battle between two planets,  One of witch has a moon "Orbiting" it.  But when i use the "attract to" behavior,  it just goes behind it or above it depending on the order of layers.


I've tried making it so that there are different orders at layers of different intervals,  but it looks awkward,  makes my editor lag severely,  and clutters up my composition shot.

All in all,  i don't know the solution to this problem.  Please help if you can!  Thank you!


  • I forgot to clarify,  how to i make it so it goes in the front and back for each rotation?


    I am using Hitfilm 4 Express

    Including testing the pro features.

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    @tobycat7 ;  Let's say you have two spheres - one smaller than the other.  Place both at the center. 

    Now create a point, set it to a 3D Plane and parent the smaller sphere to it.  Next move the smaller sphere away from the center on the X axis so that the moon is away and to either side in the frame.  Then rotate the point and the moon will travel in a circle around your larger sphere, disappearing behind it and occluding it as it passes in front.  You may also need to set your spheres to 3D unrolled.

    To make this a playable animation  you'll need to create keyframes at the start of your timeline for the point and at the end for the number of times you will want a complete rotation.  

    Using the Behavior functions is overkill and much more complicated.   Parenting to a point is the way to go.

  • @Stargazer54

    Thank you so much!  The Hitfilm community is wonderful!  Thank you!

  • 👍Stargazer54 Nice and simple, was trying to remember how that was done myself, I remember watching a tutorial about a year ago, then as usual for me with the simple things , forgot it .

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