HitFilm Pro - Structured training, anything available?

Hey everyone,  I've signed up on Udemy for structured Blender training to figure out my 3D Printer and loving it. We are starting to make some great models now. It has me wondering if there is a good place to learn the new HitFilm Pro (which I just purchased another year) that is structured training?  As in when and why to use a comp or when to used nested comps and all those other smart methods?

I've been playing for some time now but it seems each time I try something the next time I find a better way to do something. Quick Youtube is great too for fast education but not always the most efficient method. Is there a formal online class to learn why to do something a certain way? I did see on Lynda.com they have HitFilm Pro 3 but that's a bit dated.



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    Other than the Lynda course, the closest thing I can think of is my own Hitfilm University YouTube channel. That started in Hitfilm 2017, but starts from the ground up with the interface through all the different things one can import/export, etc, basic editing, audio, principles of compositing  etc. The first camera tutorial covers two methods of matching Hitfilm's camera to a real world camera, and I don't think anyone else has discussed this other than a long-absent forum member, Mark_E, who figured out a useful equation I shared. 

    The current series is partially obsolete (Export Queue, Text and Masks in particular have all changed since I covered them), but the entire series is about to reboot with the *ahem* next iteration of Hitfilm.

    Essential Hitfilm: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgfiM46Y0Ue0sk4ACtkEy9TPWO6JbgD79

    Additionally  in the playlist section I have playlists for tutorials from another three dozen channels, or so, so you can find other great channels to subscribe to. 

    That said, I think Hit-U is unique on YouTube in its structure as a ground up tutorial on the software rather than skipping around to the effect or tip of the week. I always say the Hit-U videos will make it easier to follow everyone's else's tutorials.

    EDIT: there are some UDEMY courses on Hitfilm. I've not looked at them myself, but they exist.

    There was a good course done a few years ago on one of the online universities. Mostly aimed at compositing, but well structured. @AxelWilkinson I don't remember the site, but I'm certain you will? 

  •  Aside from the Hit-U series, Tobias over at Surfaced Studio did a one hour long "Complete Beginners Guide" to HitFilm Express. It was done in Version 5 (HitFilm Express 2017), so some of the stuff will be out of date. Most of it, however, still applies, and it is really a great place to start!


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    @FilmSensei agreed. I should have remembered that one. 

    @brode the video FilmSensei linked is the best quick (under an hour) Hitfilm walk though I can think of. Do his first for the quick overview, mine to start delving deep. 

  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the responses.  There are a number of really good sites out there and you all provided some nice ones. But I did note they fall short on structure on "why and when" you do something. Like when and why you need to comp a shot so that it processes better into another shot. Seems everyone misses that key piece to understand a better workflow. I struggled for hours to know when to track and then correct a scene or correct then comp and finally track; as in which one to do first since Hitfilm does seem to have a best order you should do them in. Not a complaint, just trying to learn the correct way.

    I've been using Hitfilm for a number of months now but I do run into a number of times when you have to do a certain thing first before this thing in order to get the results I need. Repeating work because you don't know the flow is not good. Which was the reason for the question.

    I'm sure I'm not the first to run into this and started to look for a well structure course like I found on UDemy for Blender. Was hoping there was something already out there and a little more updated.

    I did see just yesterday that Surfaced Studio is doing a Udemy course on Hitfilm, complete workflow. It's coming which is nice so can't wait for it.

    Thanks everyone.

  • @brode From my experience, the kind of order-of-operations instruction you're seeking comes less through specific instruction and more through experience, and understanding how different tools and features affect each other. It's hard to say something like "You should always X before you Y," when there may be some cases where it may be best to do Y before X. It all depends on the situation, and learning to read each situation and evaluate the best approach for that situation is just as important as learning the specific tools and features of the program.

    You only say you've been using HitFilm for "a number of months," so I'm going to assume that's less than a year. When I was roughly at that point, I couldn't tell you much about comps at all. It took a lot of testing and reading forum threads and watching tutorials over a much longer stretch of time before I got to the point where I could look at a given problem and know pretty confidently how to solve it, and even now there are little nuances I pick up by seeing how others do things.

  • @brode I am just curious which UDemy course on Blender have you done? I have done a couple of them myself.

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    @FilmSensei ; FWIW, I have started a number of Blender Udemy courses and got through a couple only to find out the instructor updated them and added lessons..  Never a bad thing.

    Here's a list:

    Udemy courses
    In various stages of progress:

     Blender for VFX - Learn to add realistic CGI into footage
    Bhaumik Patel, Experienced 3d artist and instructor   41% Complete

     Creating 3D environments in Blender Rob Tuytel, Founder Blenderpedia 35% Complete

     Learn Blender 3D - The application of materials and textures.  Joe Baily, 3D Artist, qualified teacher and coach
     98% Complete

     Blender 3D - Fire and Smoke Simulation Complete Guide
    Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy 11% Complete

     Blender 3D - Fluid Simulation Guide Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy 98% Complete

     Blender 3D Rigid Body Simulation Guide Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy
    96% Complete

    Bought but not got to yet:

     Blender 3D Soft Body Physics Simulation Guide  Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy

     Blender 3D Beginners Guide to the Particle System  Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy

     Blender 3D - The Cloth Simulation Guide Stephen Pearson, Blender Made Easy

     Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners. Ben Tristem, GameDev.tv Founder

     Learn Blender 3D - The asset creation course V2  Joe Baily, 3D Artist, qualified teacher and coach

    I really like the Pearson kid's videos cause they are easy for my old brain to take in.  I've really got to get back to them but currently wrapped up in CG COOKIE training :)

    But I would definitely sign up for Hitfilm Udemy course as the OP  @brode was discussing...especially my weak areas of tracking and particles.  Some understanding there is long overdue for me.


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