It's a Cracker

I am trying some new things like more background music but I'm still making a few too many mistakes for my liking. I used the Levelator program which was brilliant but then, frankly, I got all my sounds mixed up again.
It will be useful once I get used to a slightly changed audio workflow.

Feedback is, as always, very much appreciated and valued. If anybody wants to mention that I forgot to use the communicator noise then you'll find me in the corner sobbing.



  • Well done its good , your improving all the time with the stop start animation , 3.30 was a laugh :).

    You ever thought about using some voice actors ? Would take your production quality up a notch , look around forums are use new voice actors plenty out there.

    My personal preference would be to have a letter box effect and a few more color grades in the film, but that's just me .

    Well done

  • Nice job! While I applaud your desire to do this all yourself, I'll +1 the tip to consider adding other voice talent. FWIW, I've been a voice talent for many years, and would be quite chuffed to contribute now and then.

  • +1 the tip to consider adding other voice talent. I could also contribute. Love the Star Trek and super hero series.

  • Thanks all.

    Getting some voice talent has been suggested by enough people to make me have to take notice. 
    So.... what's the best way for it  to work?  

  • +1 to the voice talent suggestion. I also would be happy to contribute!

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    @DafterThings ; FWIW, as I would never attempt to do the stop motion work you do so well, or even record voice over since I sound like a hillbilly from Dogpatch-adjacent Kentucky on recordings, but I would write up a sort of test script with various well known Star Trek character voices and put it on the cloud for download by the interested parties (I notice it's the tutorial guys and they have the expertise in recording voice work) and then they can record their voices doing the different characters and you can decide you does a voice best and then go from there.  Those guys already have the gear for recording so it'll just be a matter of uploading their bits and you assembling.

    Oh, and btw, very funny skit.

  • @DafterThings Having also assisted a few times with voice casting, here's my recommendation:

    First off, write your next script as you normally would. Don't think about voices at that point, just focus on story and character.

    Once you're happy with the script, then break it down and figure out which characters you want to voice yourself, and which you'd like to have voiced by others. If you haven't already done so, give each character a specific name and voice description (age, ethnicity, pitch, pace, personality, etc) so you can begin to establish some consistency between stories, especially with secondary/background characters.

    Then start the casting process. If you'd like some help with that, drop me a line via the contact form on my site. I can be a casting assistant if you wish to take some of the load off your shoulders, or simply give you some tips based on prior experience.

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    Thanks again everybody.  This community is so good when it comes to honest feedback and sharing of knowledge.
    BTW @clevertagline ; I've not been to your voice talent page before... very impressive.

    Although it won't have many repeating characters I plan a series called 'Tales from Gotham' ... or something similar.  The first would be 'When Darkness Falls'.  It was going to be my next video but I really want to present it as well as I can so don't mind delaying it.

    So... how about I write the screenplay and character breakdown and share it with interested people here? 

  • Sounds awesome! :+1:

  • @DafterThings fun as always!!

    If you need an inexperienced, non English native, Spanish/Catalan/Finnish accented voice (I don't have the guts to write ''talent" or "actor"), count me in!

    I'd love to do more collaborations anyway.

    PS: you know how I sound anyway...

  •  So, for some reason I have not commented on this forum, but enjoy a lot of what I see here. I love your stop motion stuff Dafter Things. I would love to contribute some voice work. I'm an american, but can do a bunch of accents and character types. Would be happy to send you some samples. Here's a link to a video I did for fun.  I performed all the voices and did the music score as well. comic re.mp4?dl=0

  • You knew I'd be posting on here sooner or later... ;)

    Seeing a new upload from you pop into my YouTube feed is always exciting, and as per usual my excitement was well placed! 

    Loved the Redshirt + electricity = ALIEN??! the story set up was really good fun!

    I'd certainly love to see what you could do with other voices, though don't let that detract from the fact you do a great job as it is! :)

  • @Kiplake that comic sounds good and an interesting idea. I planned to do a motion comic at some point this year as well.

    Thanks @GavinBarker
    I really need to get my pacing better but it's getting there.

    I'm struggling to get going in 2019 so far. I've had flu but need to pull my finger out. 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Another funnu short! Levelator really did a good job of boosting and smoothing those VO levels. This is your first short I didn't have to rewind to catch a line I missed (@CleverTagline if you've never used Levelator, take a look.)

    Voice casting: @tddavis and Justin gave much good advice there.

    Otherwise, I  too have done VO. I don't really have anything online. Long story short, my archives were stolen in route from off site storage to home to make another flipping backup.

    Keep George for yourself, man! 

    I do a credible Spock. My Kirk is terrible  

  •  @Triem23 well, to be fair: so is Shatner's.

    @DafterThings you know you're doing well when everyone wants to be associated with what you've made. :) Looking forward to more in 2019 , but don't burn yourself out to satisfy your fans' ravenous appetite for more George!

  •  @DafterThings Sorry, I'm a little late to the party this time. I was finishing up my big project and didn't have time for anything else.

    But my thoughts are: Nice!!! Really enjoyed it! was not expecting George to be so awesome in this one and

    taking down the aliens twice.

    The memo part was especially good.

    The best way to get talent though would be to post a forum here all about requesting voice actors and see what happens. 

    Best of luck!!!



  • @Triem23 I tried Levelator many years ago, in my early VO days. Don't recall why I didn't begin using it regularly, but my default VO audio chain in Reaper already includes FX that handle dynamics, and I tend to get pretty consistent levels with that, so it might've just been a case of "I'm not hearing any difference."

  • Just a thought @Dafter Things and am not trying to be bossy or anything (like my mother in law) but wondering if instead of planning a new film with voice actors, what if we your fans chose a character from this short and sent you an audio file of our attempt? Then you replace those parts and see how they sound. Then you're running a test rather than a big casting call. So Triem23 could try his Spock. This would also keep it a fun Hitfilm forum thing. And if you wanted me to do the assembly of audio, it would be no problem. Been making music and sound recording long before I started doing voices. Actually only did my first paid voice job about a year ago producing an audiobook.

  • @DafterThings I think you're about to create a monster! (in a good way).

    Really looking forward to what may come out of this collaboration.  There is a lot of serious talent floating about on this list.  If you guys find a way to pull it off this could be a big thing.   (It will all be fun and games until negotiations for the film rights come into play.)   ;)

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    So,  unless something else pops up, my next video is the Gotham Tales video. I am collecting location and cast  (i.e. the plasticy bits). While I am doing that I will write the screenplay  and check who would like to do what.

    TBH ; I really don't want to upset anybody but I don't want there to be any more hassle than voicing everything myself. It has to be all smooth and nice  

    <edit> Oh.... and thank you everybody.  


  • @DafterThings In agreement with you. You should only include people if it will not make things too complicated. For myself, I have to admit that I like to do projects alone because it's easier than coordinating. Love your films even when it's just your voice

  • Right,

    I am now happier with my custom Batman. His head is still too small but, at least his ears are a better size.
    I'm also more confident I can do the set more justice after some recent tests. 
    I have the screenplay inc Script and Cast. I have no idea if it is in a state anybody can work with.

    Now what? I guess I need to share it but how and with whom?

  • @DafterThings If I may help, reach out to me via the contact form on my site. I can host the file for you, and we can work out a casting system.

  • @CleverTagline

    OK, done. Many thanks.

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