Star Wars Project

Hey all 

Been working on my 1st project in hitfilm for the last several months and although i haven’t quite finished it yet, i came up with a short teaser for it, which u can see here:

Would love for you to see it and to hear your thoughts and comments, hope you enjoy


  • Looking great man, nice!

  • The tie fighter flypast looks really good! And the Star Wars  fade transition was lovely to see!

    Quick observation: I wondered if having the transition wipe from right to left to match the movement of the Probe Droid would add a bit of 'movement urgency' to the scene? 

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished product!! :) 

  • Thanks @GavinBarker much appreciated. The whole thing is just an aside and is not in the (soon to be finished) product. I see what you mean about the transition swipe, I guess i was more looking at how the probe moved from one doorway and to the other which sort of worked like a transition wipe in itself. Thank you again, glad you liked it.

  • I agree with @GavinBarker about reversing the direction of the wipe with the probe. Love Kylo Ren staring at the edit interface  and I almost blew tea from my nose when the camera bonked into his helmet. 

  • Agree with @Triem23.  One of the comedy moments of my year.

    After all the great effects and camera work I was really questioning why the zoom was so extreme which was probably why I was so caught off guard. Brilliant.

  • Agree with @Triem23 & @DafterThings on the Kylo mask-bonk...the timing and setup was fantastic. Genuinely wasn't sure why the camera was getting so close but they payoff was gold.

    If this is the kind of thing we're getting nestled in your film then you're on to a winner already ;) 

  • Thank you @spydurhank, @Triem23, @DafterThings and thanks again @GavinBarker. I'm working to finish it, but I think it'll be after christmas into the new year.

  • Haha! Fun stuff. Even knowing the helmet hit was coming, it still worked. :) Nice mix of effects.

  • Thank you @CleverTagline, glad you liked it.

  • Really well done, loved the compositing and use of Shadow on the flying droid. The shot of the Hitfilm screen was brilliant.

  • Hey Folks

    So here's my 1st project in hitfilm. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Hope you enjoy

  • You have some great comedy bits in there. I'd pay to see the feature length film. Based on your YouTube channel, it looks like you've had some editing experience before, but even for your first time in HitFilm, it looks great! Out of curiosity what were you using before this?

  • @triforcefx thanks very much, glad you liked it. I was editing on iMovie hitfilm was a bit of a quantum leap lol

  • Based on what I think you were going for, I think you nailed using HitFilm on the first shot. You've surpassed things that I've seen from users that have been using it for quite a while. I'll be interested in seeing what you can create in the future.

  • Thank you @triforcefx really glad you got it and enjoyed. Looking forward to making the next project!

  • Wow that was really great, held my attention well. I hope to any god listening that this new Euro Article 13 that is rapidly looking like it is going to be law real soon, does not get this kind of stuff taken down, just because of some trademark (fan fiction love).

    May the forces of good and evil (heck you choose) be with you.

  • Thought it was great. Funny, silly, clever and pretty well done technically. TBH : The effects could be cleaner but that might actually take away from it.

  • @Andy001z that euro article is a scary thing. @DafterThings I agree with you there. Thank you both for the feedback much appreciated.

  • Great job !!

  • Thank you @JamieLanger, glad you enjoyed it.

  • Well done its fun and creative and some good use of hitfilm in there

  • Thanks @Rogyrue much appreciated.

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