No audio in composite shots

Hey everyone, just  got my copy of HFExpress today and working on a gaming video my friend and I made. I am attempting to do some editing (adding text, transforming the screen etc.) My understanding on how to do such edits is to make a composite shot and edit within that. I am used to adobe products so this is an extra step for me. When i make a new composite shot and play the clip back, there is no audio playing whatsoever, and i need the audio to time the edit appropriately. Please advise. 


  • Just to be clear, the audio of your footage plays fine when it's in the main Editor timeline, but it's only silent when dropped into a composite shot. Is that correct? Or are there audio issues elsewhere in HitFilm with your source files?

    What software are you using to take screen captures of your game(s)? What audio settings are you using in that software?

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