Transfer of packs to new computer:

I had Hitfilm Express 3 on a tower that has since died and I'd like to load the latest program on my laptop. How can use the pack that I purchased previously, Hitfilm Strikes Pack, with the latest software on my new machine? Tell me that I don't have to reload Hitfilm 3 again. Any help would be appreciated.


  • @Hitfilmer194868 ;  As I understand it, as long as you use the same email account to register the latest Express version when you set it up as your 3 version all purchased effects will carry over automatically.  If, by chance, they don't show up you should contact official support to verify the info I gave you and/or iron out any issues.

  • tddavis: thank you. I'll load up the latest software, log in and see what happens.

  • What should happen is previous EFFECTS you have purchased will carry forward to your new installation. However, as the makeup of the PACKS has changed, you probably won't see any packs listed as purchased. Make a note for yourself of what 3 Express packs you bought  and the effects in them so you can step through the effects panel in the new version and make certain they transferred over. 

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