"Just waiting for Friday" (how to get rid of flickering lights in the last post)

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I posted the teaser a couple of weeks ago. It might be too long for the average attention span of YouTube watchers, but it went nicely in the Peer Awards gala. We had this time ~130 in the audience, and people voted for each other a total of 840 times, and we got 178 different people receiveing feedback from colleagues! Hence the name of the event, "Peer Awards".

Anyway, I was panicking big time because this time I didn't just film it show, but I also wrote it, edited, VFX'd it and more...


There's plenty of mistakes. Actually so many, that from learning perspective I'll be making a series of videos in my channel: "Just waiting for Friday - mistakes were made".

I hope some of you have the time to watch it :)


  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to share that the event went well:


    And that mistakes were made ')


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     @rutxer Not too bad!! I enjoyed it. Was'nt planning on watching the entire thing, but you hooked me.

    The writing, Cinematography,  lighting, and vfx all worked out for me so you can rest easy on that.

    Good job.

     I'm Impressed with how many Actors/Actresses you got, plus the sets you were able to get for the film.

    The Shot at 3:55 was especially impressive and I took notice of it.

    Also, very cool how you got the FT templates to work. Especially the Forcefield.

    The Infinity war portal I felt stood out a bit too much, but that was the only mistake I found, maybe try moving the Blend mode to add next time and add a glow effect to it? 

    All in all, though, your film kept me interested until the end, and the editing was very well done.  

    Glad to see the event worked out for you, and I also noticed you posted this video on a Friday.

    Ps: On the mistakes video it should be titled something like JWFF: Mistakes video coming soon or something like that because when the viewer clicks on the video they expect to get a mistakes video but all they get instead is an announcement that the mistakes videos are coming soon. A little quirk, but yeah.

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    @Xhan47 thank you so much! It actually means a lot that someone who wasn't sitting there that day watched it through!

    It's a really fun thing we do at work (it helps in getting actors and locations). It does feel a bit weird sometimes, since I'm the boss or boss's boss of some of the actors, but it tells about our company culture when we have this much fun in our own time! And I just happen to be the nerd who loves cameras, lights and filmmaking :D

    You're totally right about the portal bit. Actually my favourite VFX moment is actually at 14:26. When the 'technical writer' stood up, she didn't have the war paint on so I digitally added in post. It's just a few frames, and we almost missed it, but I somewhat managed to keep the continuity there.

    And good observation on the title of the mistakes video!

  • @rutxer No problem!! It was a very enjoyable watch.

    I was wondering if that's how you got the actors./locations. certainly does say a lot about your work culture.

    Wow. didn't even notice that war paint bit. Good attention to the continuity.

    Thanks! Kind of thought that was off.

    Keep up the good work. And I look forward to your next videos where I can see all the mistakes I missed.




  •  @Xhan47 I got the "continuity mistakes" video out :) including the fix with VFX on the war paint.


    That bit was done in Fusion 9, not HitFilm, so my apologies for that.

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    @rutxer Cool!! Really liked seeing the BTS of it, and the unexpected problems you had in the shooting schedule.

    Always loved continuity and It's something I've made a lot of mistakes with in my previous films. 

    Great to see one of the producers caught it as when you've been editing on something for a long time, everything seems to blend together and you need someone from the outside to point out the little things you've missed.

    while it was very smart to shoot the facepaint shot last, it did create continuity errors and it was interesting to see how you fixed them.

    Pretty sure a lot of us use Hitfilm and DaVinci Resolve together for our projects, (I know I do.) so It's not a problem, as long as most of the stuff you post has parts of Hitfilm in it.

    Really liked the thumbnail, and I'm happy to see you changed the first mistakes video title to coming soon.

    Ps: You might want to check on it for the rest of your mistakes videos but it seemed like the sound and sync to your lips was off on this one.  Maybe an audio file got accidentally moved?

    Anyway, eagerly anticipating more mistakes videos. 



  • This is something, nicely done!

  • @Xhan47 thanks for the feedback! The thumbnail business is a tricky one, but I'm trying to put some effort on it. And thanks once again for the suggestion on the intro video's title.

    I don't know how I missed the audio synch issue... Especially when I will have a video out about "audio issues" including synching  :D

    The next one comes out on Friday, about "how to get rid of flickering lights", which I suffered when shooting at 180fps and using practical (and horribly) lights. I quickly show HitFilm and Resolve both in that one for fixing it. Stay tuned ;)

    @roven Thanks for stopping by and the feedback!


  • @rutxer "The next one comes out on Friday"

    well, since you said that... now we're all just waiting for Friday

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    @rutxer Welcome.  Liking the Thumbnails so far, keep it up.

    Might have to put that mistake in your mistake video about audio synching. 

    Looking forward to it.

    @JMcAllister good one. 

  • How to get rid of flickering lights when shooting slo-mo! Because we need to live with horrible practicals, right?


  • @rutxer Cool!! 

    Have to remember that when I have flickering light issues. 

    Very enlightening (Punny), and interesting stuff.  

    Also great to see you added Hitfilm + Davinci Resolve in the title.

    (And the Sound sync was much better.)

    Looking forward to the next one, probably on Friday? would be a good system.

  • @Xhan47 thanks!

    I've been releasing them on Tuesdays and Fridays, but maybe I should just skip the Tuesday. Hmmm.

    The next one (initially for next Tuesday) is about camera movement and framing.

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