I just got my Pro renewal notice - $179

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Pro renewal of updates for the coming  year: $179

If that's the annual tax to keep getting updates, I think I'll sit this one out.

With the greatest of respect to everyone at FXHome, the updates in the past year (with a few exceptions) were fixes to address functional problems in the program.  This does not have value for the user.  It simply keeps the program viable while we wait for the Next Big Feature --like timeline markers,  improved sound tools, a trapcode counterpart -- and all the other brilliant, useful and practical suggestions made on the Wishlist.  

l'm dedicated to Hitfilm and to the fantastic community we have here.  But this is an issue.  I would like the discount to be increased to bring the price down to under $70.  



  • @Davlon I agree...I get fx home is a small team but its missing key features that other softwares have.   I didn't really ask for the new features for this 11.0. Update.  I need functionality aka the basics. *Sigh

  • I Agree fully...  With above comments.  I will pass this one to.  

  • @Davlon @Fox the only way that I'll consider renewing is of they put the essentials....like markers, layer locking

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    One of the key benefits of the renewal system is that you decide when to update. If you don't want the Thanksgiving offer, and would rather wait for a specific feature, go right ahead. :)

    We've added more new features and updates to the software during this last year than ever before (https://fxhome.com/blog/hitfilm-11-0-update/), and there are more coming very soon.

    Thanks for supporting HitFilm, it means a great deal to all the team here.

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    Thank you for posting.  You have no idea how much admiration we have for you -- and how grateful we are for the work you all do to keep us productive. 

    Admittedly, the forum is for technical questions -- perhaps I erred by posting about a business issue.  But if you will allow me just a moment:

    If the software is merely an entry level tool for hobbyists  (as has been suggested on various websites) FXHome does not owe us pro-level tools and capabilities that compete with AE.   But if the software is meant to be the category killer,  then you owe us pro-level tools -- even at the cost of extra effects and pretty things.

    It follows that, if the software is a hobbyists tool, you cannot  charge pro-level prices for yearly maintenance.  If it is a pro-tool, you must provide pro-level capabilities before you charge pro-level prices.  Read the Wishlist.  Hundreds of man-hours have been spent over the years requesting features to reduce the pain points.  Your users have alreay created the bible you should be following as you plan your updates.  

    We're still waiting for features requested years ago.  And each day that passes that we don't have "essential" fixes that increase productivity and ease the workflow costs the users hundreds of man-hours of frustration.

    Please consider reducing the price of the yearly maintenance to $70 or under.  I believe you will gain many more renewals -- and the eternal loyalty of your users.  FXHome freed us from the Adobe Tax.  Please keep as far as possible from aggressive pricing.

  • @Davlon take the dehaze feature for this update as an example....that hasn't been a feature that people have been asking for years.  It just seems like that we are getting updates that aren't improving the workflow.  @JoshDavisCeo please get those features that will allow users like my self  create stuff efficiently and effectively without having to go to the Adobe subscription route. Thanks


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    Thanks again for the kind words. I can assure you we are listening here, on YouTube and to the emails we get. The last few updates were mainly based on user feedback, but we can't please everyone at the same time.

    • 8.0 Better layout tools (highly requested)
    • 9.0 Improved export workflow
    • 10.0 Huge improvement to our text engine (highly requested)

    Surface Studio (version 11.0) was also created in response to user requests which is why we wanted to get it out there to you guys as soon as possible.

    Rest assured, there are some massive things just around the corner (some in the next month or so) which will improve workflow and the UI. The updates over the next few months are hugely exciting, and if you hope that HitFilm Pro will be heading in a more "Pro" direction, you're going to want to stick around in 2019.

    Just as a point of reference, the yearly updates of HitFilm Pro were always around this price point, and we've added more to the product in the last year than in any previous year.

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    Woah....  That is out of my price bracket for a yearly upgrade, normally 80% of the full price. 

    I was thinking more like $50.

    Cubase updated to 10 last week and people moaned about the £120 upgrade price for two years of changes. 

    I cannot personally justify that upgrade price, even with the extra 20% thanks giving at this moment.

    I will make do, for a year or two and then possibly upgrade later, or jump ship. 

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    Based on the features that have been implemented since the new pricing model, which have added little to no value to my workflow, the discounted renewal price of $179 is too high for me to justify.  The normal renewal price of only a 20% discount is a solid no-go.  I was anticipating a non-sale renewal price of approximately $99 per year.

    I truly love supporting small software companies, which includes FXHome.  However, at least for me, the lack of interest in the direction of new development over the past 12 months and higher than expected cost to remain on the most recent version of HitFilm Pro makes it challenging to determine when or whether I will renew in the future, especially in light of the fact that HitFilm Pro is my secondary NLE option until editor workflow features and enhancements are implemented. 

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    @TxH003 I agree with that... if the features were there the price would be justified.  But I'll wait and be patient.  

  • @TxH003 "I was anticipating a non-sale renewal price of approximately $99 per year."

    That is an unreasonable expectation given the normal update cost history in previous versions of Hitfilm.


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     @NormanPCN "That is an unreasonable expectation given the normal update cost history in previous versions of Hitfilm."

    My history with HitFilm does not extend prior to the new pricing model.  Therefore, from a cost perspective, I am unaware of how upgrades were handled.  I do own a lot of video and music production related software that is regularly upgraded and I used that as a general guideline, in addition to my perceived value of future new features and my only reference as a relatively new FXHome customer is the past several months.

    With that said, at this time, I would be willing to upgrade for $129.  As time passes and more features are included, especially those that matter to me, I would not hesitate to upgrade at the present sale price, but the said situation could potentially require me to stay with the same version of HitFilm a long period of time.  Not a big issue, but I do prefer to stay up-to-date.

    I still have a few months of update eligibility, which gives me time to make a decision of how to proceed forward.

    @Andersen01498 "But I'll wait and be patient."

    Me too.  In spite of my criticism, I actually love the concept of HitFilm Pro and hope to use it more often in the future as improvements are made.

  • This reaction was kind of obvious when the new pricing and feature adding model was introduced. People will simply stick to the version they have until a large enough feature bump arrives for them to jump in and restart their 12 months of future updates, because they'll get all the updates they held off on as well as future ones.  The problem is: people can hold off near-indefinitely as the list of features they can get is always accumulating. 

    One way to encourage renewing the licence is to have Really Big (tm) features added quarterly that are 'must haves' rather than 'meh!'s.  Things like the new export queue didn't improve productivity as much as locking layers would have. It actually reinforced the complaints that Hitfilm uses so little of the computer's resources when exporting that you can go back and work on another project while it exports and still have about 75% of the power available to work with. People would prefer it used all the resources available instead of being told nonsense like using it all would be 'inefficient'.

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    These are all fair comments guys, and it was always how the new model was intended to work. If you want to keep the version you are on for a while, or indefinitely, then go right ahead. :)

    Some big things are coming in the new year which I believe will be previewed in a YouTube video before too long.

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    Well I'm  going to have to buck the trend here and say I'm more than happy with the price. How much would you pay for both AE and Premier subscriptions for a year? That's what you need to replace hitfilm, and you don't get to keep using that software if you stop paying. 

    I agree from my point of view some of the updates this year have felt a little over hyped as they weren't things I really cared about. A lot of others do care about them though or they would not have been added. I'm just a casual user and my work clearly reflects that but it doesn't reflect what's possible in the hitfilm platform. It offers excellent value for money in my opinion and in my experience (I've been using this companies products for a long time now) if @JoshDaviesCEO says there are exciting things coming this year and next then there will be for sure.

    I for one think it's a small price to pay. 

    I do have one small gripe though. Where is hitfilm studio? thats what I signed up for last time round and it can't seem to find it anymore in the store. I don't need Imerge so the studio bundle was perfect for me. 

  • @DreamArchitect Thank you for the reply and your trust in FXhome. :) I would love to share more about the very next update coming, but I think @JavertValbarr will do a better job in a future video.

    Regarding HitFilm Studio, just like the Pro Bundle, it is just a bundle of individual products, and you should have an email which gives you the best offer for renewing all (or some) of those products should you wish to.

  • You for the feedback, @JoshDaviesCEO.   Your input is greatly appreciated.

  • DreamArchitect

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    Well I'm  going to have to buck the trend here and say I'm more than happy with the price. How much would you pay for both AE and Premier subscriptions for a year? That's what you need to replace hitfilm, and you don't get to keep using that software if you stop paying. "


    Kinda' what I was thinking too.



  • Here's what I see happening.  Recently over the past couple weeks or so, there is a great shift from Adobe users over to Davinci Resolve due to the continual subscription requirements.  Resolve is already the number 1 color grading software, but they have always lacked in Text, animation, and effects.  Now that Resolve has Fusion (their visual effects package), they will continually improve and add to that making Resolve an even more viable solution to replace just about anything out there, especially Adobe Premiere and After Effects, especially since you pay $299 and you're good to go.  No subscriptions.. 

    I'm good until July 2019 for my current Hitfilm Pro subscription, so no need for me to even think about it yet.  I am definitely a Hitfilm Fanboy.  To be honest though, if I am going to be paying more than half the cost of what Hitfilm or Davinci costs just to renew, knowing that Davinci is better at Color Correcting, Noise Reduction, hardware controllers, cursor snapping, live editing or adjustments, etc.. I could go on and on.  I came into Hitfilm already asking where is this and that from what I was use to just to find out some of the normal basic things are missing that are in every other NLE.  I still can't even get the video noise reduction working properly in Hitfilm.  

    v11 was just released and the first thing I thought was awesome, some new features so instantly I hit Youtube to see what those features are and how to use them, only to find out that there is not even a video from FxHome to show them off.  Actually I couldn't find any videos on the added features.

    I hope now through 2019 there are some major advances that keep me using Hitfilm Pro as @JoshDaviesCEO suggested, but if some of the basic core functionality isn't included into Hitfilm, I'll probably be jumping onto the Davinci bandwagon also.


  • FoxFox
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    I have been using HF ever since the first one, years ago ... It has been growin up and learning the use of the software, going along. Its an ultimative tool that i cant really live without.

    I have deep respect for the team and Dev,s and the things ive done had never been the same without HF.
    Let's see what the new stuff is ... I am defently not leaving, at all.

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    No one is leaving --

    The discussion is solely about price.  Meaning to say, price for the coming year compared to the clear understanding that without a trapcode counterpart, we're working at a tremendous disadvantage --and there are jobs available I can't even bid on because I can't match the look of AE.  That is a very big pain point.  

    $179 is a rather large investment of trust for hopefully useful new features.   @JoshDaviesCEO ; has the gratitude and continued trust of everyone here.  But there are major functional lackings in Hitfilm.   

  • @Davlon I don't think anyone here would disagree that there is still significant room for improvement in Hitfilm. I would agree and I don't push it anything like you are likely to as a paid pro. The reality is for you it has t be a business decision. If you are loosing work because of it then you should not use it. I still think the price is small especially for a pro and I would expect that you have a porfolio of tools you use as no single tool ever covers everything a pro needs whatever their discipline. But in the end it is a personal decision and the great thing with hitfilm  is unlike Adobe you can wait it out and find out whats coming if you so choose while still using what you have.   I hope what's coming turns out to be for you but if not then the choice is yours not to renew. either way I wish you every success with your business.  

  • @DreamArchitect this is not a personal criticism, but your argument is one used many times when people point out deficiencies in something they like, and can be boiled down to: "I think it's fine. If you don't like it, use something else."

    That's all well and good, but doesn't actually answer the original complaint. For some things that's possible. "I like Marmite. If you don't, don't eat it". You can eat Jam, or Peanut Butter on your sandwiches. It's not too hard to switch, as there isn't much of an investment.

    What @silar appears to be pointing out is that with a finite amount of money to spend, people need to make a choice. They possibly already have made one, invested time and effort in learning to use that choice and then they come up against its limits. They then have to make another choice: start again with another product and possibly come up against similar limits, or push to get the product they are currently using improved, or waste precious time on workarounds. They've invested time and money into it, so for them to make suggestions on how it could be improved should be taken in the spirit of: they want it to do well. They want to be able to evangelise about it to others, as well as get the job done.  "Pfft! This masterpiece I made? It's easy with Hitfilm! You should buy it too!" They want to enjoy using it, not have to construct workarounds. They want the company to be successful enough to still be around in a few years when they've invested even more time and money into it, rather than finding themselves high and dry and having to transfer over to other packages that did survive through listening to their customers. So the upgrade price has be be pitched at the value they expect, not on what it cost to develop. If it doesn't contain anything they want: cheap price or they won't buy it. If it contains lots they like (and asked for), it's worth a higher price.

    Also suggesting that as a 'Pro' you're actually expected to have more than one tool, all of them not quite doing what you want is...bizarre. Products designed for 'Home' users are full of helpful options, and shortcuts and bells and whistles because the designers know their audience. They have less time and want instant results. When it's actually harder to recreate something in the 'Pro' version than a quick drag'n'drop in something that costs only £/$30, then something is wrong. Either you're using the wrong tool, or the tool is being marketed to the wrong audience. 

    I can create amazing transitions in Hitfilm, but I almost never use them because it's such a PITA to make them work in the Editor. We need to be able to create Clip A and Clip B placeholders in a Comp, tag it as a 'Transition Type' and drag  it onto two clips in the Editor and have it use those clip segments in the comp itself. It's what it's already doing internally for the default Transitions anyway.  But instead I use another Editor, where there is a much wider range of transitions to choose from and drag'n'drop those. So yes, I have more than one product and it's a waste of both time and money.

    Casual users don't give constructive feedback. They play around with Express, find a problem, drop it  and move on. They may not even be able to articulate the issues they experienced as actually needing fixing anyway. But blowing off the Pro users' concerns is (maybe not so...) eventually going to hit the company where it hurts: in its bank account.

    Once a product's user base gets beyond a certain size it no longer belongs solely to the company, it belongs to the customers. They know better, by orders of magnitude, what the product needs to do to (continue) to be (more) successful because they are using it in so many different ways.

    FXHome needs to reach out to Pro users and ask how they are using the product, how much and why they use it compared to other products in the same area, how it works well for them, how it doesn't and where it can be improved. I'll give them two for free: SOLO and LOCK LAYERS.

    When things like Oli's Headless Tutorial download pack was an unlinked, mis-filenamed mess and took 25+ minutes to Export the result, when a quick tidy up and simplification produced an almost identical result and a ~1m30s export; that doesn't help promote Hitfilm as easy to use.  When Javert's latest tutorial had both TV and Film Damage packs crammed into it and three copies of the Kitchen Sink on top and TV Damage had most of its options turned off, the plot has been slightly lost and it begins to look more like an attempt to sell Add-ons than anything else particularly useful.

    Sure FXHome have to sell things, but explain why you'd want to spend money rather than time: 4 or 5 layers, 3 simpler effects and more time and fiddling about, versus 1 easy-to-use fairly cheap Add-On with some nice sliders, is an easier comparison to make. When people see what they'd be getting/saving: it's more likely they'll respect you enough to make the choice you'd like. i.e. buy the Add-On. They'll also learn how it's constructed by comparison with 'the harder way', experiment, get interested and maybe buy other Add-Ons. Maybe they'll learn enough to want to buy Pro?

    So basically: a different style of tutorial. Option A and Option B. Actually do as two separate videos. People will watch both, or just one. See which they prefer: adjust development plans accordingly.

    Anyway, compared to something like Vegas Pro 16: its upgrade price is less (in the current sale) than Hitfilm's, but they've arguably made more adjustments that contribute to productivity improvements. Vegas is more like a comparison with Premiere, as Hitfilm is to AE, because you do actually need something else to edit with. Hitfilm's NLE isn't there yet.

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    "I can create amazing transitions in Hitfilm, but I almost never use them because it's such a PITA to make them work in the Editor. ... But instead I use another Editor, where there is a much wider range of transitions to choose from and drag'n'drop those."

    " I'll give them two for free: SOLO and LOCK LAYERS."


    Transitions did finally get better in 11. Symmetric resize. Too bad we did not get a Ctrl+drag trans duplicate feature. Trans drag n drop already exists in Hitfilm. It's how we add a transition from the effects panel. Ctrl+drag is(would be) a trans drag and drop. Just with different, non default, param(s).

    As for lock. +Lock NLE clips.

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    @NormanPCN I'd not spotted that. I'll explore a bit more. Problem is: once you've been disappointed enough times, you just stop looking to see if something actually got improved.

    I recently checked out an old bug I found in HF4. Yep, still there, but it's been re-logged now, so... hopefully soon everyone will be able to use Motion Blur on something they've attached to a moving screen with Quad Warp without it flickering on and off like it's been cursed.

    Reminds me: I need to check on the leaky Cross Fade Transition on something that has a Pseudo 3D effect on a 2D layer, like Smoke.

  • @Palacono

    In the end the complaint is subjective and I disagree when you say the complaint isn't addressed by what I said. The reason people keep using that argument is because it is 100% valid. This guy isn't going to die if he doesn't buy hitfilm and it won't stop him using it The price compared to many other options is very reasonable in my opinion and that's the important phrase here. In my opinion. If you don't agree that's fine. Not a problem. If I was on that side of the fence I wouldn't buy it. Simple as that. If lot's of people truly think it's too expensive and don't buy it then the price will have to come down. If however people are just griping to try and get a discount then they will buy it anyway when that discount is not forthcoming . It's all subjective and this kind of complaint can never truly be addressed if it's genuine.

    I have thought that perhaps a form monthly payment scheme might work better for some on here though and it might help to reduce the one off burden. Also it would mean no need for allowing for payment each year. So the ideal really would be pay monthly and perhaps after you have paid for 12 months on one account then you can keep using the software and cancel whenever you want. You won't however have a one off larger payment once a year. That might be easier for people to swallow. Who knows. 

  • So we now we know the price of annual upgrades - $179 :(

    If you upgrade, in say 6 months or 1 years time, is it still $179 ?

  • @DreamArchitect the reason people use it is because: it's not actually an argument by itself. It's just: "I'm happy, so what's your problem?".  The choices you offered were: take it or leave it, nothing will change; or even needs to.

    Apparently @silar 's threshold for satisfaction is different to yours and he(?) was attempting to support his argument by feature comparisons to other products that are sold in a similar way to do a similar job, i.e. non-subscriptions; so specifically not Adobe, or anything like their model. I don't think it was an issue with a lump sum Vs monthly payments, but rather the total.  He'd also rather not change horses mid-stream, but outlined why he may be forced to. FXhome can choose to react to that or not. Your point about the price coming down if enough people don't buy the current offering may be valid - although you'd need to wait to see how that plays out, and time is money and jobs need doing, so it's not a long-term strategy - but it doesn't stop people saying they'd be happy to pay more for more features, rather than less for fewer, but if it's more for fewer: they'd rather not. 

    On the up-side: FXHome are continually adding extra features - asked for or not - and we've been promised nice things will be coming, so... wait and see?

    @luxgud No one knows, but as there is a Big Sale(tm) on, you can probably expect it to go back up soon; but there are several sales events during the year: Valentines(?), Easter, Mid-Summer(?) (I can't remember, but they're fairly often) so you'll likely be able to find one of them when it might be close to that again. In a year's time you'd be back to Black Friday, so I'd imagine it's likely to be at a similar price to now.  

  • @Palacono is correct..  and yes.. He.  :) .  I'm not against paying for anything good as I paid to get Hitfilm Pro.  I am also not necessarily against FXHome's subscription based plan for Hitfilm Pro.  I also continually pay monthly to Adobe for the Photographers plan to get Photoshop and Lightroom and have for 3 years or so.  I chose to buy Hitfilm Pro because it was the best bang for the buck to have something in the vein of Premiere and After Effects combined without the ridiculous monthly costs..  

    I'm just a nerd that loves to tinker with video editing and weighed all the options when I choose Hitfilm Pro over others like Adobe Premiere/AE, Lightworks, and Davinci Resolve.  I wanted an all in one NLE and effects package and Hitfilm Pro delivers albeit missing some features that most of us are accustom to being standard in most every other NLE out there. 

    It's almost inevitable though if Blackmagic keeps up the continual progress they have with Davinci Resolve and stay with a one time only payment with forever updates, they will soon be the industry leader of not only color grading, but also non-linear editing and effects.

  • Well the current strange promotion has certainly made me think again about HF. Bit like banks here's a great offer to switch to HF but once we have you offer reverts to this. 

    I have HF2017 and probably only use a small percentage of features so look to sales to help me move on.

    Don't want anything crazy but it should be less to upgrade than full price and even when not on offer it should be more than 20% off.  You want people to want to continue to upgrade every year not wait 2 or 3 years.

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