Teaser frames: Guardians of the Galaxy recreated scene.

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Hi everyone, I'm Dustin Johnson, an original Cinematic storyteller, and Filmmaker.

 I've been using Hitfilm for a few months now, so I figured it's time to post something on the forums. 

Two teaser frames form my upcoming big project:  A Recreation of the opening scene of Gotg.

Below is the first shot that I'm just finishing up now, with a comparison to the original, and underneath that is a Starlord eye glow test I did for the in production scene. 

I hope you all enjoy, and I would welcome any feedback from them.

I'll try and post more Teaser frames as the scene comes together more.

Here are the images and thanks for checking them out:










  •  @Xhan47 ; The stills look really nice too me.  Hard to say anything constructive in the feedback area from still shots.  Moving effects are much less forgiving and the real test :)  Myself, I am terrible at tracking for some reason, so linking effects to layers eludes me.  You get that whooped and you are a 100 times better than I.

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