Mac OS Mojave Bad Intel Driver crashes Hitfilm (And causes complete system reboot)

I have recklessly updated to Mac OS Mojave (10.14) the other day, and ever since that I am unable to use Hitfilm Express. When I try to open a previously saved project the entire system crashes. I haven't seen Mac OS crashing for years. No other software crashes my system.

If I start a new project and work on it a lot, it has no problem. I can save it, export it. But if I close the project (by closing the software) and load it again, it crashes the whole system. Before the os update it worked flawlessly.

I am using a Macbook Air 6.2 (early 2014) with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

Is this a known problem?  If so, when do you plan to release an update that fixes this issue? 



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    Today I have Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra and I would like to update to Mojave.

    September 8, 2018, I installed the update of Hitfilm Express version 9.1.0521

    Can I install Mojave with this version of Hitfilm Express? Does it work properly under Mojave?

    This is not indicated in this page :

    Thank you 

  • HitFilm is currently being tested with Mojave.

  • So can I' install Mojave without problem in Hitfilm Express ? :) 

  • Mojave is not currently supported, so we can't guarantee that HitFilm is compatible with it. Yet.

  • hello

    yesterday I'updated to Mojave system on my mac and Hitfilm express is working properly ... for now :) 

  • Hey,

    today I' worked with Hitfilm Express in MacOS System and I' have no problem 

    Everything is good :) 

  • mine stopped working completely. it doesn't even run on my Mac at all. 

    really waiting for an update so i get back to work. 

  •  Any idea of when Mojave might become supported?

  • I have big problems with Mojave. When I try to open almost all my hfp files my MAC crashes. Not only Hitfilm but the OS crashes. If I create a new hfp file and import the compositions inside an hfp file that crashes my MAC it works well. But as soon as a save and close that new hfp file and try to open it, the OS crashes. I don´t know if it is Mojave, my MAC or none of them... All I know is that before updating to Mojave I had no problem. Waiting for updates... I use HitfilmPro.

  • That's one of the reasons that I never update my OS unless/until I know that the key software I use is supported on it (or I'm willing to find an alternative). I'm not willing to gamble with important work just to get a handful of new features.

  • When will this update fix/support MacOS Mojave for Hitfilm Express come out? I really want to start working on my video.

  • @TravelShorts FXhome never reveals the release dates of upcoming versions. While they sometimes tease that certain features will be released "soon" or "in the near future," no specific dates are ever given.

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    I'm afraid OSX Mojave is not currently supported by HitFilm.

    There is a discussion here:

    In particular, running HF on a Mac with an Intel only integrated GPU may cause the OS to kernel panic (shutdown). This is a bug on Apple's side, in their Intel driver, and there's very little we can do.

    We're hoping that the official update will address the issue.

    Personally, I never upgrade my OS or the software I use until at least the x.1 patch is out and Mojave has introduced a number of problems that have affected many applications.

    For example, Mojave removed sub pixel font anti aliasing which makes text look terrible on non retina displays.

  • Thank you for the reply. So I can only hope that Apple fixes the problem?

    I used to be careful with updates, but as they have caused very little problem in recent years, I become braver and braver.

    I can confirm the terrible looking fonts :(

    When do you expect to officially support Mojave with HF?


  • @abitang

    It may be possible to rollback to a previous OS, depending on your preparations. There are online guides for this.

    I'm afraid that I don't have a timescale for Mojave support. We will revisit it this when the x.1 update is out.

  • Thank you!

  •  Hey @abitang!

    I moved to OSX Mojave before knowing Hitfilm does not work and I was able to easily roll back. Just make sure you have a backup of the computer before upgrading to Mojave. Then it is easy. Apple have made it very hard if you do not have a backup to roll backwards.

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    Thanks everyone for getting in touch and alerting us to this issue! I’ve pinned this post to the top of the Express support forum for the next few days, and amalgamated a few different conversations to make sure that you all had the latest information.

    In short, I’m afraid that OSX Mojave is not currently supported by HitFilm if you also have an intel integrated graphics card. If you run HitFilm on a Mac with an intel integrated graphics card, it may shutdown. This is unfortunately down to Apple’s latest OSX Mojave release, which has a bug in their Intel driver.

    We are currently contacting everyone to try to fix this. We’re currently not sure how long this will take, but we will keep everyone updated!

  • @DirectorOP

    I eventually did the same. Fortunately I had Time Machine backups and off site backups as well. 


    Thank you for summing it up. Let's hope Apple patches the Intel driver because without that the new Macbook  Air is not very useful.

  • I have this on my MacBook Pro with Intel graphics but it's only when I have a floating panel - if I start a new project then try to float a panel it crashes MacOS Mojave. If I'm working on an existing project, then float a panel, it crashes, then if I try to load the project back up it sometimes works but sometimes crashes.

    For me this only started happening when I installed the latest update to 10.0.0562.

    Shame I can't use my Windows 10 PC (which has better specs) as they only let you link your profile to either Mac or Windows versions, not both.

  • @rethanon

    "Shame I can't use my Windows 10 PC (which has better specs) as they only let you link your profile to either Mac or Windows versions, not both."

    What profile are you referring to? All licenses for HF are valid for both Mac and PC.

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    If you are using HitFilm Pro it can be activated on 3 computers at a time, and it does not matter whether they are Mac or PC. Personally I have had my copy of HitFilm Pro activated on a PC and a Mac at the same time, so it is possible.

    If you are using HitFilm Express you can only have it activated on one computer at a time, but as far as I know there are no limits on how many times you can deactivate/re-activate HitFilm.

    So you should be able to deactivate HitFilm on your Mac, and then activate it on your PC using the same account (so you can keep any add-ons you bought).

  • I have the latest version of HF on my macbook.

    It ran smoothly with no problems until today. Every time I open a project my mac restarts. HF opens normally, my computer restarts the moment the project finishes loading.

    Please help! I need to fix this urgently!

  • Also,


    Processor 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5

    4G Memory 

    Intel HD Graphics 5000

  • I just installed the latest version on my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013) running Mojave. It doesn't crash my machine (or reboot it), the application itself crashes immediately upon launch.

  • @SamuelDunham, Do you have a backup disk of your computer? Hitfilm is currently faulty on Mojave... I know... But if you have a backup you can roll back to sierra/high sierra. That's what I did, and hitfilm works fine again now. Without a backup it is very hard to roll back... Apple have deliberately made it very hard to roll back without a backup.

  • With the latest update of hitfilm, can we use Mojave?

  • @DirectorOP Unfortunately not. We are looking into a workaround to do our end but it requires changing how the viewer works which is, as you can imagine, quite a difficult task which will require a lot of testing as well.

  • Happens to me too, I have a few projects that need to be brushed upon, a commission and a animation.

    Will it come out soon so then I don't need to put off my projects? 



  • @yayayayyyeyeyeyu FXhome never announces when updates will be released, nor do they announce which features will be added/changed in updated versions. They may throw out hints now and then in live streams and whatnot, but even those are pretty vague. The best you *might* get once in a while is "coming soon," but "soon" is all you'll get.

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