Star Wars my passion project... added drop shaddows

Here's another clip 4 days working on it. still have to work out kinks in the lasers though


  • I liked it but one thing that looked odd to me was when the wing is in the distance it appears to be a sharp image, but then when closer get covered by the clouds, just takes me out of the moment.

  • I also liked it but not sure if I am seeing this from the viewpoint of somebody falling

  • +1 to the comments above. Some context is missing, but for what it is, it looks nice!

  • I think it appears clearer in the distance because the motion blur is more easily seen closer.   And it is out of context... haha sorry about that, its part of a project i started working on about 2 years ago now, but had to shelve it for a while because of life... just getting back into it again, i'll put up the 2 completed segements again in a day or so 

  • Looks cool! One thing I noticed; I think the camera shake is messing with your motion blur. Did you use the built-in shake or did you record your own?

  • i used the built in shake and modified it so as not to see the repeating pattern...  or at least where its noticeable.  As far as motion blur, i added 2 additional levels of motion blur to the ship, if i add any more it'll push my render time over 3 hours. oyyyyy! haha

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    When I first was introduced to Hitfilm I  naturally used the Motion Blur effect to get better blur. Didn't help that much (made images "fuzzy") and made render times ridicoulusly long. I was wrong for adding additional blurs..

    I found that motion blur is best controlled by the composite shots indivual  settings. You might want to review what the HF user guide says about Motion Blur. Might help with those render times and give you a better understanding of motion blur


  • thanks, i'll look at that


  • Here are the other 2 segments I started working and have completed minus a few cut scenes with some actors if my son and his cousin ever get a break from school... hahaha! but the x wing free fall shot i posted earlier, is only one clip for the next segment i'm currently working on



  • Pretty cool. :)



    still need to work on the lasers

  • This is really impressive! I'm a sucker for shots like these, but visually it almost felt like something out of The Clone Wars or Rebels!

    The first few lasers seemed pretty on the money as well :) 

    Please keep posting these, I'm fascinated to see how it all knits together!

  • This is a very nice looking shot! Adding the shadows of the two tie fighters and the x-wing onto the star destroyer would add a whole lot.

  • Yep. They're looking really good. Agree that the shadows would add something.

    Might sound a silly question but how do shadows work in space?


  • Shadows on the Moon...

    "It is very easy to see in the shadows after you adapt for a while," noted Armstrong. "Truly, moon shadows aren't absolutely black. Sunlight reflected from the moon's gently rounded terrain provides some feeble illumination, as does the Earth itself, which is a secondary source of light in lunar skies." ~ Neil Armstrong

    I would think that shadows in space are very similar to those on Earth. It all depends on the light sources.

  • Looks great! 

  • "It is very easy to see in the shadows after you adapt for a while".

    Said by a man who wasn't there. :-)

    I watch a lot ( a lot) of ISS film....shadows appear to be very very dark on the unlite side of the vehicle.



  • I got the drop shadows in now... it was on my to do list... i think it looks like Star wars Rebels or clone wars because the models are super high quality...haha work with what i can afford free...haha


  • I mean the models aren't super high quality and detailed

  • @FilmSensei @GrayMotion one would assume shadows in space are mostly identical to on Earth. A light ray is blocked, hence, darkness. 

    One would guess shadows would be a bit sharper as there is no atmosphere (and particulates) to diffuse the light cone into the shadowed area. Nearby objects would still reflect light, but, again  less because no atmosphere or particulate diffusion.

    Greg, I believe the cameras on ISS are GoPros? Unless we can get information from NASA on sensor type and dynamic range we have to assume the EV range from Earth highlights to shadows is wider than the sensor would capture. Since the images we see are exposed for Earth to not blow out, it's probably clipping shadows to darker than what the astronauts actually see. We can observe the same phenomenon down here between our eyes and any camera. 

    So, best guess for "accuracy," based on physics and optics is a darker and sharper shadow. On the other hand  an X-wing banks like an airfoil in atmosphere,  not relying on RCS thrusters, so lets not get hung up on physics (Or the bombing run in EP VIII will tick you off as much as it did me). Use the shadow to help set up scale and distance and make a cool shot. 

    @ArtMitchell that's a cool shot. The camera angle and ship motion feels like Star Wars. :D

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    @Triem23 (sorry for the tag) Ok  Mike...I defer to your logic about the camera clipping the darks. I did go look at the cameras on the ISS...there are two four HDEV cameras and several Nikons. I appreciate the approach you take to an entire scene. Especially the camera sensors/functions. Makes me want to strive to get a closer match to what NASA broadcasts with my own camera settings. You know I'll be reading up on the Nikons as you again peaked my curiosity. Alas the most viewed cameras (HDEV) have no real apparent data. Must be top-secret :-)

    @ArtMitchell - I'm really liking your shot...especially with the added shadows. Rock on!

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