15 second horror film challenge

It seems fun. This is the first time for me. the rules: 

- create a horror short

- use only 15 seconds

I just wrapped mine up and submitted it. 



  • Scary! Well done!

  • Nice work.

    I am primarily interested in horror filmmaking and was planning to submit a video for this year's challenge as well.

  • For 15 secs it tells a lot of story.... and quite some horror. Great job.

  • It was selected! 

  • Congratulations @HitFilmer128619 for being selected! Awesome work!

    It's a bit gory for me, but my heart did jump when she lunged for him at the end - let us know how it gets along in the competition!

  • well done its brutal :)

  •  Very good and congrats!
    In such a short time well directed.
    When will the long version be published?   : )

  • Great! I will never fall asleep on the sofa around my gf ever again or anywhere. Nice story stuffed in 15 seconds. Congrats on selection as well. Well deserved.

  • @Thomekk ;

    That’s as long as it gets man. 15 seconds is all you have for the challenge. 

    And I used every millisecond. 


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