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With the new fusion compositor engine built in, will DaVinci Resolve 15 support much more of the Ignite library?


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    I can't answer definitely here as Mods aren't FXHOME staff. I'm spitballing here, but I'm probably pretty accurate. 

    Fusion isn't part of the core render engine. Fusion is a separate program Blackmagic purchased, then added a 'dynamic linking" system to, similar to Hitfilm/Vegas or Premiere/Ae. While Fusion is OFX compliant, OFX effects do require some recoding for each host.

    Fusion is node based while every Ignite host is layer-based. I can't tell you how that changes the coding, but it would require extensive changes to (at minimum) any filters that use a "Source Layer."

    None of the above means that FXHOME CAN'T make more Ignite Effects work in Fusion, merely that's it's not trivial work. 

    Will they'll do it? Generally FXHOME doesn't discuss future plans until the new/updated project is ready to roll out. I'll tag @OliThompson to see if Staff has anything to add, but the chances are if Ignite were recoded for more Fusion compatibility the first we'd hear about it would be opening our NLE and having an upgrade box pop up for Ignite with "Additional Fusion functionality" in the changelog text. :) 

  • I don't think so. Resolve/Fusion can already host nearly all of Ignite right now.

    Fusion is Resolve 15 does state "initial" support of Temporal OpenFX plug-ins. One issue here is Fusion in Resolve is still somewhat separate and it seems from the feature list only Fusion is trying to support temporal effects. Makes it kinda difficult for a plug-in to determine what the host supports, when the host is actually two hosts.

    Not much in Ignite temporal effects you might care about. In retiming/resampling everything in Resolve/Fusion stomps anything Ignite. So if those became allowed I don't think much is gained. Maybe Jitter and stutter. 

    Looking at the supported effects list, the matte enhancement effects are not supported. So Resolve/Fusion chooses to  not support the necessary data transfer of these alpha adjustments. Resolve (edit, color) is really funky with alpha channel movement. Fusion seems far simpler in this regard so maybe they can be supported. But do they bring anything to the party that Fusion does not already have. Then again there is the seemingly dual host nature as it exists right now.

    I'll disagree about nodes versus layers. Node or layer, they are both simply a source of frames (static or a stream of frames). They are just different abstract ways to organize media and masks and effects in some dataflow. In a node app the dataflow is a directed graph and is completely user controlled/defined. A layer app the data flow is a predefined order stack from bottom to top. With nested comps in Hitfilm/AE you add hierarchy to the dataflow. 

    I don't think OpenFX has any concept of layer/track/node. Only frames (1, 2,3, 4, 5, ...).  The only thing that matters is what OpenFX features the host chooses to support, what the plug-in supports and finally the intersection of those two sets.


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    @NormanPCN let me clarify nodes vs layers with a patchbay metaphor: Layer based effects have a single input, a single output and one sidechain for a Source Layer. 

    A node is more like if the filter had a full patchbay since a single filter can have multiple inputs and outputs. 

    So, stressing again "I don't know if" this presents code changes. 

    The bigger issue, as you know, is the dual-host thing. 


  • Thanks guys. Maybe as DaVinci improves it's new Fusion panel more effects will work by default.

  • Does anyone know how to move lightsword points in DaVinci Resolve 15?  I can import the plugin and adjust the attributes, but there is no way to move the points like in Hitfilm.

  • Below the viewport on the left side there's a dropdown with various tools, one of them is OFX Overlay. In theory, the OFX overlays are the handles you need to manipulate the lightsword points.


  • I found the OFX Overlay but when I activate it, it does not give me points for the effect.  Any ideas how to get the points on the screen for manipulation?

  • AFAIK that's supposed to get you those points. It might be worth posting on the Resolve forum on Black Magic's web site, there's a good chance that you'll find someone who has tried this. I haven't tried very many of the Ignite effects in Resolve yet.


  • @Jedimaster33 @WhiteCranePhoto does Resolve even have null/point layers? If not there's nothing to hook the ends onto and you have to directly animate the position values inside the Lightsword effect.

    Ignite has its twitches in all NLEs. Much of this is based off limitations of the hosts. For example one cannot hook an effect to a point/null layer in Vegas Pro since Vegas doesn't have points/nulls. 

  • Hm... Fusion has OFX support, it might be worth trying that. I don't know how complete the Fusion OFX support is yet though.


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