I heard the Hitfilm team mention Filmstro on the live feed the other day and popped on over to take a look at them.

Their stuff looks very interesting but admittedly I was a bit gun shy to jump onboard and try them out when I saw the monthly fees to use their software.

So before I commit to anything (and yes I did see they have a free trial), I'm wondering if anyone else here has used them, still uses them and what your experience and feelings are in regards to the software and the pricing structure.


  • No one has tried this software?

  • @ScottReid I did the free trial, and I really liked it. If you make lots of films or videos that use music and want to customize that music quickly and easily, then this is definitely for you. I would go with  the free trial first, then decide for yourself!


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    Thanx Jay,  was planning to check the free trial out shortly.  Was rather hoping there were some actual users of the software around here. :)

  • @ScottReid I would definitely be a subscriber if I had a need. It is definitely an awesome product.

  • Will give it a try with one-off payment. The thing I do not know is if I may use the downloaded paid music after the payment period. We will see...

  • Yes, I've used Filmstro for a couple of projects.  It works really well.  You can export the music to a mp3 so so can further mix it with dialogue and other sounds, etc.  On their FAQ, they seem pretty lenient with what you can do with the music generated in Filmstro.  They just ask that you tag them in whatever your project is.

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