Thomekk - "New Album" MusicVideoClips (Update: 6/11/18 - Video Nr.8 "Service" )

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The story is: 
I fell in love with Hitfilm Express 2017, when I was looking for a program to do video-clips for my new music-album.
(As a composer/producer the music/the songs is/are the most important to me, but without videos nowadays noone seems to listen... )
Already had Vegas Movie Studio, but it never clicked here - maybe the FX and GUI were not for my taste enough or my ideas/skills simply weren't good enough back then. Never found a real workflow.
And so I started using Hitfilm last summer as a noob (the learning curve began and still is ongoing) being still one furthermore.

Now I want to show you the vids that I have done for the "New Album" with german languaged popsongs (if u don't mind my partly naive usage of VFX )

Edit: 6/11/18

Newest video here, named "Service" (german language -> with english subs):

"what does the term "Service" mean? Some reflections put in the corset of a short pretentious hybrid form without beats"


Edit: 6/10/18

Next video here, named "Zahl" (Number) (english subs):

"Counts / numbers rule everything nowadays in the web of things - don't give up, some of them will be your children, but u can lose 'em"

Edit: 4/9/18

6t "New Album" MusicVideoClip up: "Ausflug" (trip)
-> Rockmusic with some weird drawings as aliases on their journey

Edit: 15/8/18

5th "New Album" MusicVideoClip up: "Großes Gebäude" (big building)
-> this time a short sort of symphonic strings driven poem-pop track | english subbed

Edit: 3/7/18

4th "New Album" MusicVideoClip up: "Summer"
(no special tricks here, just lots of blends, stills, vid-parts and footage stuff - so nothing for the cracks!).
Electro-Pop-Music .. only concepted to celebrate summer...

Edit: 4/6/18

3rd "New Album" MusicVideoClip up:
Frustrated Ego-Larmoyance with strength. CrazyTalk helped out to make the guy imported from MakeHuman speak a little bit. Experienced Animators can ignore this. Has english subs.

Edit: 7/5/18

2nd "New Album" MusicVideoClip is here:
This is sort of a dada whacko kangaroo Electro-Pop tune. Has english subs.
The first is a  "Schlager" musically (so not to everone's cup of tea, I know) and to be honest I have also used Da Vinci Resolve for the grading plus Z-GameEditor (part of FL Studio) for some background animations.
But: In the end all was done in Hitfilm - with some composite shot animations on some layers + footage. I think for the grading now Hitfilm was enough via keyframing (if I had known this before and had used the colour wheel)

Thanks to all the great helpers here - would have given up otherwise!!
Maybe some of you can enjoy the clips or have some remarks for me.

1st VideoClip:
(only some stills with animations, german language, sorry :)


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    2nd "New Album" MusicVideoClip is here:
    This is sort of a dada whacko kangaroo Electro-Pop tune.

    It has english subtitles, but the lyrics are minimal anyways
    (english) "See the dirty kangaroo-smoke? On Binger Alm... it starts it starts"

    Productionwise it's dirty primitive: I used a green blanket for the Greenscreen (will get a real one in future), played with some fx and made the jumping clown (in the style of early musicclips).
    Camera: iPhone. 
    Hope it is enjoyable though..

    Additional Software used: ZGame Editor (for automation and audio wave-sync)

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    That was interesting.

    You have a catchy toon there.

    The only thing that seemed off to me was most of the changes in your video didn't happen on the beats.

    Other than that I like that you recorded it with an iPhone.

  • Hey,
    thanks Scott : )

    I think for me most of the important changes are on the beat, but not all.
    I used the automation in FL Studio via the midi-keyboard tweaking knobs manually partly. The knobs were linked to parameters of the ZGame Editor, so this was then not "cut" but by feeling.

    Not 100% sure if it was an iPhone. But I'm definitely not very well equipped.
    The other possible camera is a IXUS 220 HS - I'm glad it does HD though.

  •  Ok, next vid is up.

    Hopefully enjoyable despite of the simple tweekings. Tried to make a dramaturgy though.

  • @Thomekk - thanks for sharing your work, you've got some catchy stuff going on there.

    I couldn't quite tell from watching the vids, have you tried creating the head in CrazyTalk, and then attaching that head to a moving body in another clip?  You know, your CrazyTalk head would be a layer on top of the body layer, covering up the original head.   If you're not already doing this, it might be worth exploring. 

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Phil,

    thanks a lot for watching

    I made the character in MakeHuman and then exported some chosen stills from different poses of the figure to png. 
    This goes only for the third (b&w) video.
    Then I imported the pngs into CrazyTalk and let CT do the work for the several speaking situations,
    In the end and after import into Hitfilm I used no other body as background layer behind, only several textures/images.

    And yes, I can imagine putting the talking head above another moving body-element layer this could be interesting too. I guess inside CT there's also layering possible? Maybe I mix it up with CrazyTalkAnimator (of which I have an older version here, but never really used it). Anyways, I guess will still use CT for some more talking in combination with MakeHuman (and even with stills until I get to understand Blender in some uncertain future : 8)
    In the kangaroo vid that's me combined with the warp fx and some others.

  • Vid Nr. 4 fits into the actual "Summer" (at least here in europe we have it right now)
    (no tricks here, just lots of blends, stills, color grades, vid-parts and footage stuff - so nothing for the cracks!).

    and sorry for not asking how to improve it, this had to finished for having the end of a longer working period. So it's possibly too generic I confess.

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    Now, here's the next video..

    "Großes Gebäude" (big building) (english subs)
    -> this time a short sort of symphonic strings driven poem-pop track 
    Hopefully it is enjoyable

  • Here's the next one in my punky series (also completely done in HF, had fun with some fx).
    Theme is: Rush

  • And next video here:

    Here I combined in Hitfilm some creatures plus some takes by Zplane Editor.
    The music is heavy electro-techno style (not my usual thing), more important is to me the message (subbed) and the creatures as actors for the whole shebang. 

  • Newest video here, named "Service" (german language -> with english subs):

    what does the term "Service" mean? Some reflections put in the corset of a short pretentious hybrid form without beats. Maybe dedicated to all the supporters, who (try to) help in so many ways, still with the question what service means nowadays.
    I used some Hitfilm fx in the middle and later parts extremely.

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