[Resolved] Changing Aspect Ratios

Hey guys, when I try to render my video, Hit film 4 Pro is squishing it into an almost box aspect ratio! The original video and the preview window shows it as 1440 X 1080 but I rendered it in 1440X1080 and also tried 1920X1080 and it still condensed it to a boxlike ratio with bars on the sides!?! 

HELP Please :)) and Thank you 


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    Render to 1920x1080. Duplicate that preset (because you can't alter the default) and go into its settings. Change "Pixel Aspect Ratio" to 1.33.

    This will give you proper video. 

    Incidentally 1440x1080 video is, well, designed to stretch to a PAR of 1.33. It's a pretty uncommon format that ended up on relatively few cameras for only a few years. I'd give 80% odds your camera is HDV, in fact. 

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    It is lol. Thanks man! I only see 1.21 or 1.46 tho?

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    Try manually typing 1.33?it should be there. You're aiming for 1920x1080, right? 1.21 and 1.46 are the stretch for 16x9 and 2.35:1 in SD.

    For the record, this article has a good discussion on 1440x1080 for 16:9 display, but, yeah, the correct PAR is 1.33.


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    The in project aspect ratio is changed to 1.33 but when I go to export it, 1.33 and 1.50 are not options anymore to change the pixel aspect ratio to..? So how can I get that setting?

  • Do I need to download an external preset with 1.33 ratio in it?

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    I'm away from my computer right now, but I don't know why you can't seem to find a 1.33 PAR setting.

    Try something else: create a test 1440x1080 timeline, set a 1920x1080 export up, but, instead change "scale mode" to "Ignore Aspect Ratio." 

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    Okay thanks! It worked



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  • Hi, I have tried all of these solutions but none of them work.

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