Looking for a masking technique / blend mode / blend effect

Is there any way to Combine two layers that only those piels identically (by some scalable Variation) are blend out?

Consider you have a Scene with an actor and the same Scene (as still) without actor. So with that sort of blend/mask the actor could be isolated without drawing a mask. Simple subtraction does not work because it also affects the actor. Maybe there is an Option but I am to stupid to figure it out. Any suggestions?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited December 2017

    Difference Matte Key effect. :) 

    Place it on the layer to be keyed, select the clean plate layer as the Source Layer. 

  • Difference Matte? I don't find it. Difference Key on the footage with the Background Picture as source layer does not give the expected results.

  • Sorry @triem23, I don't see the forrest because of all the trees there (does that make sense in english? It's a german Phrase)...

    I had the Background visible. When deactivating it I get - mostly - what I wanted. If there will be a Price like "noob of the day" you may vote for me :D


  • America has that idiom. 

    Hitfilm has a lot of filters. It's easy to overlook one. First time I came across this question I gave a detailed answer on building a Difference Matte from scratch. I facepalmed when Axel replied "Or you could use the Difference Key."

  • @Triem23 Yes, he could. Because there still isn't a Difference Matte effect. ;)

    @Juda1 When using Difference Key you'll need to make the lower layer invisible, or it'll just show through the difference and look the same as no effect applied. Insert your other layer (text behind a person etc.) between the two.

    Note that you'd hope it would be perfectly cut out, but compression messes with edge pixel colours, so there will be a halo around the removed section unless you adjust some of the values.

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