Audio levels

Is there a way to change the volume level on every clip instead of going one by one?


  • Turn down the master volume in the audio mixer. 

  • JasonC71 where can i find thing... I'm using hitfilm 4 express because hitfilm 2017 just opens and closes 

  • Well shoot. If memory serves me that was added in 2017 

  • Jason is correct, the full audio mixer was added in Hitfilm 2017. 

    In Hitfilm 4 you have no choice other than to drag down the volume of an individual clip, or mute a track, so if you're toggling an individual sound that you have volume mixed for whatever reason your best option is to temporarily move that audio to a new track which can be toggled to mute. 

    The minimum specs for Hitfilm 2017 are the same as Hitfilm 4. What are your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? 

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