Automaticly keyframing music bass and apply shake to picture?

Hello, Is there a option to automaticly keyframing music sample and apply bass shake to picture? So the picture shakes when in music are bass?


  • Short version. No. 

    Long version-short, Express has an add on pack called the Audio Visual pack with an effect called Atomic Particles. This effect is in Pro. It is the only effect in Hitfilm that might be able to do something similar to what you want, but I really couldn't tell you how to configure it. Atomic is more designed to break images into dots, so getting an entire image to "jump" is a tricky setup. 

  • Oh! That sucks :D they should make this thing in Hit film.

    Maybe know different programm to use? Adobe after effects takes too long to render but they have this option.

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    You could give ZgameEditor a try. It's a free powerful tool not only for games: 
    There are lots of visualisation presets inside. The caveat in the standalone version is: It can only load ogg-Audiofiles.

    The other option: To use FL Studio (not free though). It has a special version of ZgameEditor inside (lots of possibilities) and one of its presets is "Audioshake". Don't know if it in the standalone version though.

  • The free demo version of FL Studio does have the ZGameEditor plugin that can be used the same way, but just in FL Studio. There are plenty of guides if you search something like "how to make a music visualizer in FL Studio" to get you started.

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