Bronte Beach - shot on Sony a6300 + 16-50mm

Hey all, 

This is an edit I put together while experimenting with s-log on the Sony a6300. I've found s-log to be amazing as you can pull so much more colour and dynamic range from the footage, unfortunately some of the shots were overexposed because I didn't have an nd filter with me.  Any feedback is appreciated!



  • @Digitaldave ; Wow!  That was so incredibly well done.  Very professional-looking and some super creative transitions; especially liked the one at 26 secs. Then at 34 secs the water coming up the stairs was a beautiful shot, and the contrails behind the bird looked awesome.  You had a great location to shoot at too.  I am envious of you living near such a gorgeous beach.

  • Bizarrely I've recently watched the Story Greenlight videos on How to add video to the beat and also How to make smooth video edits and this is a really good example how to do it. Sometimes I didn't quite know where to look after a cut but, in those cases, just soaked in the atmosphere

  • @tddavis Thanks so much man! Nice to know people can see how much effort I put into it :) and yes the location was even more amazing in person haha

  • @tonyg Cheers for the comment mate, yeah some of the transitions weren't as smooth as I would have liked, but I had to work with what I shot as I didn't shoot enough footage which I regret so much. Always shoot as much as you can on location because you never know if you might use that shot.

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