Hitfilm crashing when attempting to open a file.

Hey! I worked hard in order to create a 16 minute long tutorial in Hitfilm, when I tried to export it, it stalled, simply saying "Starting" for maybe 20 minutes. I figured closing Hitfilm and restarting my laptop might help. I did just that, but when I tried to reopen the file, Hitfilm crashed! Any time I tried to open the file, Hitfilm would crash! I contacted the support team, but, although they are helpful, their response is quite slow and I was curious if any other users had some tips in this forum.


  • Maybe is a dumg suggestion but... Try opening a different project, and then your no-rendered project. 

  • No luck with that, thanks for the suggestion though... It just stalls, it loads a bit, but never opens!

  • Anybody have any other suggestions? I'm aiming to upload the video that can't be opened soon! 

  • @thedragonfilmmaker88 ; it's a very cumbersome solution, but I have rendered projects for others when they were in need for a quick export.  I say cumbersome because it would mean you would have to upload your project and all media you use in it to a cloud source like dropbox, onedrive etc and then you'd send me a link via direct message so I could download and render it out.  Also, at the very least, if I have trouble loading the project too, then you'll know it's not your system specifically.

  •  @thedragonfilmmaker88 ; Actually, now that I think about it just uploading you project file before all the media could tell if it has become corrupted somehow if it will open on another system or it hangs.  One person I did this for had used a fire effect multiple times and that was causing problems.

  • @tddavis You're saying you could export my stuff for me, then send it back so I can upload it, with no hacks or sketchy stuff? If this is the case, how would I?

  •  @thedragonfilmmaker88 you could upload it to a cloud service (e.g. google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc) and then share the link (privately) someone else could try to open the project file and/or render your file, then send it back to you.

    Yeah, it may sound bad to share your work with some dude in a forum... but hey! We are all here to help each other, and desperate times needs desperate measures... sometimes. 

  • @Emecorp so if I want to try something like that, where should I start? Like what's the first step I should take?

  • 1. Upload  your file to a cloud. If you have a gmail account it is possible that you already have a google drive cloud service (it's the same account). Or create one. 

    2. Share the link via private message

    3. Cross your fingers and hope for the best 

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    @thedragonfilmaker88 ; Yes, that's exactly what I meant.  As I said, the first step is to get all your media (videos, pictures, music files...anything that is not generated in Hitfilm i.e. effects, and such) copied into a folder and upload it to your cloud of choice along with your project file.  Then create a share link and post it in a private/direct message to me or someone else and I/they would download all of it and load it up and export it into your choice of output file which would be uploaded to the cloud for you to download when it's done.  But as I mentioned in my 2nd post, you might want to start by just uploading the .hfp project file so someone/I can see if it hangs on load on their system.  If it does then uploading all the media is useless and the project file has some problem.

    Oh, and no there's no hacks or sketchiness in any way.  I have 2017 Pro, 4 Pro and Express, Hitfilm 3 Express all free and clear, and as I say I have done this for at least 5 users here in the past.

  • @tddavis Ok, I have a drive, where would I go from my drive? I don't see a cloud upload area or something!

  • @thedragonfilmmaker88 ; This isn't a function that would be done in the HItfilm program.  You'd have to do it with File explorer and upload it to your drive using that upload process.  What drive are you using?

  • @tddavis I'm using Google Drive, where do I upload the file and materials?? I'm kinda confused tbh

  • You can put them into a folder in your Google Drive folder in Windows File Explorer then you have to go to your Google drive folder in Chrome and get a link to share with Edit permission.  Or I just sent you a PM with a link to my dropbox where you could upload them.  But like I said start with the project file from Hitfilm so I can see what it's doing before you invest a lot of time in uploading.

  • @tddavis Yes, I asked you a few questions about the dropbox through direct messaging.

  • @tddavis actually, if you give me your email, I could share the stuff through google.

  •  @thedragonfilmmaker88 ; Strange, I'm not showing that those ever came through in my Inbox.  I don't know what happened there, but I just DM'd the emails to you.

  • @tddavis Wait I thought you said that you downloaded them? How do I get to the DMd emails, they're not in the Hitfilm inbox if that's what you meant...

  • Yes, DM is the Hitfilm Inbox.  Sorry, bad choice of terms on my part.

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