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Hi! I've been using Hitfilm Express 2017 for a while now, and one of the problems I've been having is audio. Sometimes the audio is too loud, but if I turn it down it's too quiet. So maybe there could be a volume limit for minimum and maximum DB. Thank you for looking into this, and please reply with your thoughts!


  • Just don’t adjust it as much? Your audio should be right below 0 dB.

  • You could use the mixer instead of the envelope. 

  • In HFE 2017, as Emecorp said, a better option is to use the mixer panel to setup volume envelopes. 

    Another option is to download a free audio editor (like Audacity) and use a "Compressor" to squash down the dynamic range of the audio. Hopefully, sometime soonish, Hitfilm will add a compressor to its audio fx. 

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