bendy and the ink machine. a short film i did with my son in his bendy halloween costume

using only hitfilm pro


  • Love it. .Not sure how long I could last the glitching and music. Would tone it down a bit for anything longer  but a really stylish couple of minutes.

  • Very cool!  Love the style.  Excellent work on the editing and effects.  The only issue that stuck out was some serious audio clipping when the creature comes out of the magician's hat.  That aside, there's a lot to love in here.  Great work!

  • Agreed.  Interesting look and moves along nicely.

  • I'm trying my hardest to  encourage my kids as they become more interested in the film making progress, so your complements help out greatly.

  • @RobStilfield ; I am in the same situation. Some of the process is dynamic but we struggle when things need to be a bit more precise. My son likes the scripting, acting and editing but has a different level of 'good enough' than myself.  

    If it helps the body acting is also very good. 

  • I liked it.  I would never have known that it was done by youngsters until I read the description.   Simulating the early cartoon type was done well. I thought that the audio glitches were intentional.  Well done.  

  • These two kids have more videos on there YouTube channel.

  • Love the corny "bang", "splat" visual sound effects! Very cool and creative idea - and it must be a lot of fun and stimulation for the children so top marks for inspiring parenting!! The sound could have been a little more balanced I thought but otherwise very good.

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