I tried to edit a composite shot by right clicking the composite shot on the timeline, and this...

So i don't know if anyone else knows this yet, but i'll post it anyway, if you make a composite shot of something, then make a composite shot of that, instead of going to the composite shot that you've made, it'll say that your video card has ran out of memory, then crash. This can be fixed by making it so that if you right click a composite shot on the timeline, instead of of showing"make composite shot", there should be a "edit composite shot", this will also make finding the source of composite shots easier.


  • Works fine for me in Express 2017.

    I just took a 1280x720p 23.96fps video and made it 6 Composites deep, by making a comp of the previous comp 5 times. Then when into the last one, double-clicked on it, which opened up the comp below it, then double clicked that...all the way down to the original media.

    Have you got the latest version (Update #8) installed?

    What's the format of the video you tried it with? If it's one of your .TOD files that's been through Handbrake, it could be spitting out a weird format tha's upsetting. It's already causing doubled-up frames on export.

    Not an excuse of course, still need to work out how you should be processing your files to get them to work properly inside Hitfilm.

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    If you double click a comp shot on the timeline it should just open up the Composite. No messing around with right-click menus needed. 

    I've actually made an existing comp nested by making a comp shot a comp shot before.

    I'm really starting to wonder if you have other computer issues going on. I've never had Hitfilm renders stutter like you've had, and I've had interlaced video in SD, 720p and 1080p in MPEG-2 and mp4 (in mp4, and mts wrappers). I've deliberately done what you described above and it doesn't crash my system, it nests the original composite in a new composite. I can't recreate either of your issues--for me the software works as expected. 

  • Oh thanks, i didn't know you could double click them

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