Importing shape data from mocha?

I got the shape data back into mocha but all that appears is a blue shape. How do I get it to cut out and be see through? Or am I doing this all wrong. I do feel like I should know how to do this.


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    Sounds like you're in Hitfilm 2017, yes? 

    The Mocha in 2017 functions as a plug-in. By "shape data," I'm assuming you've done rotoscoping in mocha and need to apply the masks to your video. In Mocha HF 2017 this shouldn't require export/import of a Composite Shot, the shape data should already be associated with the layer. 

    Open up the layer you applied Mocha to, and open the Effects controls. In the Mocha controls you should see options for how to apply the masks. 

    Importing a comp shot and getting a blue placeholder? That's a camera solve. In this case you're supposed to copy/paste the camera and point layers from the imported composite  shot to your animation composite. 

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    I have HF 2017Pro  and I didn't even know you can do it this way , lol . I was doing by Oldschool style (Export/Import) ... you save my day when I have to do it next time hahhaha

  • delete the blue "shape-placeholder" and insert the orginal-clip at same position.

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