2017 Halloween Video Done!!!

Started a bit late this year, but it took just over one month to wrap it all up (part time endeavor ), but went a bit crazy on the 3D models and particle simulators, plus some tracking to get the new mix of sprite and live video I was looking for!

I got bit a touch by the 3D plane vs 3D unrolled for some shots, but I think I got the layering right in the end to work good enough to move on ... Thoughts? [hint: Spaceship spinning smoke at the end... grrr!]

Thanks for the support yall!



  • ¡cool!

    I really liked the effect of smoke on the missiles!!!!!

    Good job!

  • That was fun! 

    Been a long time since I've seen a Baron of Hell. And usually that's run, dodge, WHERE'S THE BFG 9K!

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