Feature to save new project preferences

Hi HitFilm folks!

Would it be possible to add a feature where I can save my new project preferences? I work on videos that follow a template and it would be nice to not have to redo all my settings for each new project. For example, remove checkered background and set background color to X would happen for each new video that I create.

Just a request. Thanks!


  • Do that once, add anything else you always make, like a few planes. Save project as "My Template". Write protect it.

    Load it in and save again as each new Project name.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Also, root around in Hitfilm's option menu. There's options for saving layout in a project file. 

    Creating one's own templates is always a good idea. You can even open the software by double clicking your (write protected) template file which bypasses the Home and New Project screens and dumps you directly to timeline. 

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