Any efficient way to use Export Frame?

When I make transitions (such as sliding/pushing transitions with a bit of glitch effect) I would export the single frames of the end and beginning of the two clips. Then import the frames>drag them into composite to use. It's kind of tiresome to a point, when I want to reuse this transition more than once. Is there a way I can grab a single frame from two clips without having to 'export>import>drag into composite?'


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Only way I can think of doesn't save too much time and is Hitfilm 2017 (or later) only.

    The Export Queue can be set up to render multiple composite shots and timelines from multiple projects. Basically for each Composite Shot you can use In/Out points to define a single frame Work Area. Send all the work areas to the Export Queue, drag in an image sequence preset then run the Queue.

    I doubt this would save much time, but worth a try? 

  • What would be a useful option is for Hitfilm to automatically reload the frame after you export it. Vegas does this and it's very useful. After all, why would you be exporting it in the first place? If you didn't want it in the project it's quicker to delete it.  Hmm.. One for the wishlist. ;) 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono for the record, 99+% of the time I don't want the frame reimported. I'm dumping out the YouTube thumbnail. That said, a default behavior of loading the frame back into the media bin is a pretty good idea, and I'd +1 it, because a high percentage of users exporting a frame likely intend to use it as a freeze frame. 

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