Cannot activate software

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I'm sure glad I cant edit a video over 30 seconds thanks to hitfilm being broken. When I try to get my software activated and unlocked, it doesnt let me log in. And when I try to get a free license, I realize that isnt possible either.


  • What do you mean? HitFilm Express 2017 is still available. 

    Are you sure you are typing your correct info?

    Try log in here and see if your credentials work

  • @BradenBash ; It sounds like  you are creating a composite shot where the default length is set for 30 secs.  Look at this PNG here:

    Composite settings window

    If you click on the gear cog marked A then the box in the center comes up and if you go to the line marked B you set the length here.  In the Editor window the default length is 5 minutes.  Hope this helps and I didn't misunderstand what you were meaning.

  • Are you sure you aren't trying the HitFilm Pro demo instead of the free HitFilm Express?

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