Using spot light effect to create headlights and police lights

made this video for my son's youtube channel to help get subscribers. it was done completely on hitfilm 3 pro


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    Nice! You really did a great job on the dynamic lighting for the kids riding in the hand. "I am Groot!"  Hah!

    Nice model, too. Yours or did you find it on a site? 

  • @RobStilfield Very nicely done!  The kind of little ditty I envision(ed) doing with my grandkids.  The older ones have gotten too old and I have to wait and the new batch to grow up a bit more.    BTW, you win the the sci-fi/fantasy Ultimate fan award for naming your son Atreyu!

  • Thanks guys ! I enjoy doing little videos like this with my kids when I'm in between projects. There are more on their channel and more to come later. And the model I found free online.

  • Nicely done!   Great job combining live action with the animation.

  • Very nicely done.

  • Nicely done!

  • Wow fantastic

  • Awesome job!

  • Fun piece!  +1 to the props on the interactive lighting of the kids, esp. the first time they're revealed.

  • I don't think I could add anything to what's already been said- couldn't agree with everyone else more. Hope to see more from you in the future!

  • This is such a fun and creative video @RobStilfield - I especially love the use of lighting and police sirens, and I'm sure its a fantastic addition to your sons YouTube channel!

  • Extremely cool - they say never work with children or animals but you did really well with this. Being ultra picky I found it a little disconcerting to hear the boys voices panned fully to one side while they were in the centre of the shot. This caused a little cognitive dissonance for me - but then I'm a musician so I'm particularly sensitive to that sort of thing. Otherwise I thought your sound design was a cool as the video. Well done!

  • thanks wizitch! we have fun making these film together

  • Wow, I love it dude. Nice work. :) 

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    @RodStillfield have you considered making a "Master Thread" for all your stuff? This, the Steampunk series, Marley's Ghost and the fun stuff you do with the family? Posting a separate thread for each project is fine, but another "Master" thread where you also put everything would "auto bump" everything whenever you post a new thing in that thread.

    Not that I've been productive for a year, but I have two projects threads - one for Hitfilm University stuff, one for everything else. 

  • Triem23   how do you go about this? it diffidently  could help . thank you


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    You'd just create a new Discussion "Rob's Stuff" and paste in the Youtube links to all your projects.

    At the top of the thread, by the headline, you'll see a gear/cog icon. This lets you edit the headline, so, when you load a new video you update the headline: "Rob's Stuff (Updated Jan 23/2019) Awesome Steampunk Video!"

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