[ANSWERED] Ignite Express is NOT for HitFilm Express??

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Hi all,

I am not sure I understand if Ignite Express is for HitFilm Express?? If so how I can use it?


  • Ignite Express means you can use some effects from HitFilm Express in other software. That is all.

    It does not add anything to HitFilm Express, since all the effects in Ignite Express are already in HitFilm Express.

  • Hello, could you change the web site, to more clearly state that if you have only Hitman Express 2017 installed on your computer you should not download and install Ignite Express 2017. If other people are like me they saw it was free, and was thinking it was extra effects that could be used in Hitman Express 2017. The only reason I became aware of this is a comment somebody made on a YouTube video. I will uninstall this from my computer as I have none of the other listed editing software. I am sorry I cost you the expense of the download.

  • @lostcowboy We're not going to tell people what they shouldn't download. The 10 compatible programs that Ignite works with are listed first thing on its page; HitFilm is not one of them.

  • Well what you do with your web site is up to you. But there is a photo freeware program called irfanView that is a small download. That gives you the basics, then you have to download the plugins to get all the advance stuff. Not to worry they are both free, its just thats the way he designed his program. Two downloads.

    I was under the impression that's what you guys were doing, and that's why I downloaded both programs. If when I downloaded the Hitman express 2017 it had said Ignite express 2017 is included in the hitman express 2017, there is a good chance I would not have downloaded it.

  • It wouldn't take much to add something to the Ignite Express download page page like "Not required if you already and only have Hitfilm Express, as all the effects are included in it, and more besides"

    But,  good luck even finding the Ignite Express page since the last refresh, as it's not accessible from the front page at all.

    You have to go Top Right>Menu>Ignite Express.  They forgot the "Beware of the Leopard" sign. ;)

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