Some MoTrix - A Parody of the film: The Matrix

Alright, sorry for waiting till the last of the month, but here it is!


Please let me know what you all think, compliment, advice, criticism, technics, and questions :)


  • Solid. More visibility on the bullet trails might have been nice. :)

  • Gotcha, Thanks for the advice!

  • Sweet is that slow mo acting or high frame rate camera?

  • edited March 2017

    So I shot at 60 fps, (but not with a high frame rate camera), plus with slo-mo acting,(thanks to my younger brother!) then I slow that down with the speed effect to, I believe, 0.4. Glad you thought it was sweet, and not sour :D

  • Yep decidedly tasty ,, ok I'll stop now.

  • Did you do this in Express or in Pro? It looks very good!

  • I did it all in Express, with no add-on packs, but if it wasn't for the forum it probably would not look as good!

  • In Express? Wow, it really does look good. It is a lot easier if you have the particle sim from Pro. You must have used Missile Smoke to make the bullet trails, right?

    Matrix style bullet time was the very first special effect I did in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.

    Again, nice job!

  • I wanted to use the particle simulator, but I couldn't so I asked on the forum and they gave me the idea of using the Missile smoke effect, then I adding caustics effect to that! Thanks for your reply :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks good! Foreground actors are a little saturated compared to the background plate,but that's minor. 

    For the record, 60fps IS a high frame rate camera. Anything over 30fps (NTSC) or 25fps (PAL) is high frame rate. 

  • Thanks Triem23 for your comment! Ok I don't know anything, really, about what a high frame rate camera is, I know that all I did was change the settings from 1080p 23.97fps, to 720p 60fps. (I have a Canon Rebel T6i) Thanks for the tip on the saturation, I will work better on that ;)

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