Star Wars 9 VFX (Zach Alan's Productions: Nov/17/2019)



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    Using Hitfilm's 3D Extrusion you can not wrap images around the sides. 

    3D Extrusion has an environment map group. You can define a layer as the environment map, adjust the amount of reflection and the angle dependency of the reflection, but that's as far as you can go with that effect. 

    You probably have to go into Boris 3D text to do what you want. 

    This video is a Boris webinar that goes into using Boris 3D Text to get a comic book look. I haven't found any tutorials specific to a Marvel logo. This tutorial uses Vegas Pro as the host. This means the interface is going to be rather different from Hitfilm, but the actual control groups, names and functions are the same, so this should at least get you started figuring out how to approach things.

  • You cannot map textures to the sides or back of text in Hitfilm native text. In Boris 3D text you can have separate textures for front, side and back.

    In Hitfilm you can get a something of a shiny look and I tried this recently from something I had previously done in NewBlue Titler Pro. In Boris you cannot do this environment map effect. Not sure if Title Studio can but the std effects sadly cannot. Well, they can but you have to create your own Direct3D DDS cube file.

    In Hitfilm you use the Environment map feature of the 3D extrusion effect and that environment map image has to be such that you can get the metallic glint. You can make the glint move by moving/rotating/transform the environment map.

    Here is the file used for the environment map.

  • Thanks @Triem23 and @NormanPCN!

    Is it possible to use videos or image sequences as the textures  in  Boris @Triem23

    I will have to try that @NormanPCN


  • Hey, does anyone know a way to make lens flares that look like the ones in this video?

    I've gone through all the presets, but can't quite find one that looks similar. Any ideas?

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    I've not looked at the video you posted, but go to and download his "Radiance" pack. You'll see what @inScapeDigital  has done is stack flares by turning off Hotspot for one and turning up rays for another and cranking artifacts on a third. Basically stacking multiple instances of flares, but mixing and matching segments from each instance. Educational, and Javert built some great looks. 

  • Thanks @Triem23 I will give it a look...

    The video is the 5th Doctor's intro sequence, with all those stars and rainbow light flares flying past.

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    Ah, the first non-tunnel titles. 

    Yeah, download Radiance and really poke through a preset or two--delve deep and see how Javert would disable parts of flare presets then stack several together to really get custom looks. 

    The Chromatic presets should have rainbow elements. 

  • @Triem23 the chromatic presets have rainbow elements, but they are all arcs or hoops, not straight lines...

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    Fair enough. I'm out of town without my computer, so I can't check anything for a week. 

  • Here is the first render of my new War Doctor title sequence! I was inspired to do a slower, more beautiful sequence from the theme I used which is linked below..


    I realize some keyframes need to be fixed to be smoother, but what do you think?

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    I like the Atomic dissolve on John Hurt's name.

    Take a look at this tutorial.

    Adapting this technique will let you make the windows and police box sign self-illuminate. 

    I think I'd like to see some vertical movement on the tunnel as well. 

    You'll need to go back and add in the top light flashing. What I do for that is an overlay layer as described in the linked tutorial with a white light texture, black everything else. A point is placed in the lamp (parented to the Tardis move point) and light rays using the lamp point. Keyframe the opacity of the lamp model for the pulsing. 

    Looks like this:

    One day I'll finish that short film. 

    Note the War Doctor tunnel is orange and sparky, as glimpsed in Day of the Doctor.

    You can actually get that look by modifying Inscape Digital's Doctor Strange portal. Just tweak the trajectory settings to make the tunnel wall. 

  • Thanks @Triem23

    I'd like to keep this vortex in, but maybe only for the beginning, so after the Dalek saucer shot it could be the firey spark vortex...

    How would I make the portal into a vortex because it has 3 emitters to create a full circle? Would I uses the slit-scan method using the portal as a texture?

    I do have a blinking light, it is a lightflare...  So what do you mean?


  • @Triem23

    Also, I've been dying to see how that shortfilm ends... 

    How do you get those Daleks materials and lasers looking so good?

    Anyway can't wait to see what happens...

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    Haven't posted for awhile, so here's an update!

    I liked the idea of an alternate intro sequence for Star Wars Rogue One showed at Star Wars Celebration:

    Here's my take on a similar concept:

    There are some obvious errors at the moment (needs a letter box effect, line spacing of title and crawl "popping" into frame) but what do you think?

  • Where's the like button already? HitFilm Devs PlzFix.

  • Here's the updated version with some fixes:

  • Hey everyone! Here is another version of my 10th Doctor style time vortex in Hitfilm Pro 2017! It uses some improvement methods described earlier by @Triem23 . Curves to the tunnel path will be added later...

    What do you think?

    (Also, in case you didn't know yet, I was previously known as ZCC Productions.)

  • Here's another with some color corrections, more particles, and turns!

  • Looks pretty sweet!  The main thing that throws me off with the latest version is the fact that I can clearly see the distant parts of the tunnel -- especially the brighter rings -- the moment that they appear, even when they're around a "corner" in the turns and twists of the tunnel.  It makes it hard to follow those turns.  I'm not familiar with the process you're using to make this, so take this with a grain of digital salt, but my gut says to turn on the Distance Fog setting on the camera so that those faraway bits are dimmer.

  • Absolutely agree with @jsbarrett, you've got this down to a tee, if anything it's so damn close it's hard to tell between the origional it's that good, what you need to do is head into the lifetime panel and set a gradient on the alpha, this way you can fade the particles in and get the 'depth effect' 

    Make sure to notify me once it's complete!

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    That's looking really good. Great wrapping on the red rings. 

    NxVisualStudio is right, you just need a little fadeup from Lifetime>Alpha to smooth the particles popping in off in the distance, but that's the best "Tennant Tunnel" I've seen in Hitfilm. 

  • Thanks again everyone! @Triem23 @NXVisualStudio @jsbarrett

    I noticed this also, and agree with you, but the particles do have a lifetime alpha to fade in, except for the red ones due to how they are formed. I might try distance fog like jsbarrett said, but glad you all like it!

  • Very nice!

  • Wow! That fog went a long way @jsbarrett ! Thanks everyone for that suggestion. Here is a version with the depth fog, as well as a TARDIS at the end :)

  • Much better!  A lot easier to track the path of the tunnel.  This is really turning out beautifully!

    Watching this full-screen a few times in a row, I'm noticing a hiccup/stutter at about :05, right before the TARDIS comes into view.  It feels like some frames are being repeated.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice! Good Tardis animation too. 

  • @jsbarrett It's weird, I see the little hiccup, but when I reload the page or watch the actual video file, it doesn't. Maybe some Youtube glitch?

  • Very possible. Rewatching it now, it's not happening any more.

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