Footage stabilizing and masks.

hi all,
So I have a hurdle I'm trying to jump.  I stabilized some footage in order to avoid animating a mask. However, when I apply my mask, it follows the path of the unstabilized footage.  I tried copy/pasting the anchor point data from the track into the path of the mask, but it won't paste. 
Animating the mask wouldn't be too hard with this particular mask, it if I had a wacky mask later, it would be nice to have a solution.


  • Put the stabilized footage in a composite shot, and mask the comp. This will embed the tracking data into the layer, and then you can apply the mask to the comp containing the footage and it will stay put.
  • Cool. I'll try it out. Thanks.
  • Ok... can you stabilize a shot outside on the timeline? I applied the track in a composite shot already, so I'm not sure how I'd get that stabilized shot into another comp shot....
  • Right-click the footage, and choose "Make composite shot."  This will open the new timeline for the comp you create.  Switch back to the original timeline, and apply the mask to the comp layer.
  • I see I see. thanks

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