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hi guys 

I came across the typography art last week which i never even new was art lol. So i decided to have ago with it but being my choice of editor is Hitfilms i decided to give it a whirl in Hitfilms. Everything was done in this program hope you enjoy. I would love any feedback on it but will reply as soon as a can. 

I know its been used a lot on you tube and seems to be an old way to do video but i liked the thought of it and for my first go at it i was impressed with the outcome. man i am totally key framed out tho lol

Its posted via my other channel so dont get confused it is mine lol






  • Impressive.  That's a lot of keyframes for sure.  It all works well.  Great Job!

  • I've always liked these types of things and this one is done well. I guess I can now put a name to it. Typography art.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice work! How long did it take to keyframe your little heart out? 

  • It's really good!  I think it was an excellent pick for a quote too. Hoping the next one is even better!

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    First of all i hope this replies to all comments, not 100 percent how to reply singular:)

    Thank you very much guys, very much appreciated, really chuffed you guys liked it. 

    Yeah i only came across this type of art the other week, they are really good ways to express the speech with art. The key-framing took around 5 days in total, that's all day and early morning lol but i would say i am new - ish to the editing world to a degree and i can imagine it would be quicker for some with more knowledge. 

    Again thank you guys, i really appreciate the very nice comments :)

  • Well done!! 

  •  Thank you :)

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    @Funktastic , Raindows is supposed to be written correctly as Rainbows.

  • Loved it. Well done. That must have been some intense editing sessions.

    Ever feel like creating a tutorial about it?


  • Excellent work.

  • oh my i never saw the spelling mistake, even tho i went over it and over it. Just shows self proofing your own work isn't a great idea. I could upload another but will leave it so it reminds me for next time to be more alert. when checking it or get someone else to. Bad error and its sort of bummed me out pretty much so annoyed.

    So pleased many of you liked it still and i really do appreciate the kind words and great feedback.

    A tutorial? never thought about it but maybe after i have a done a couple i may try one. Its pretty much just key framing for the movement but the actual art does rely on getting certain text correct lol i mean in ways of what fonts to use and so on. I guess that's the primary factor in typography is the fonts and using mixed fonts.  So in many ways it would primarily be a key framing tutorial and with this being my first real key framing work load i would most likely feel inadequate doing a tutorial at present. Maybe in the future it would be something i will look into.

    Anyway again , i can't stress how much i appreciate the feedback and kind words. I wasn't too sure if it was really any good, as we all question our own work but thank you all ever so much.

    Can we have a spell check for Hitfilms hahahah:P

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    @Funktastic I noticed that spelling mistake straight away lol :P

    Hope it's not too hard to fix.

    If you leave it as is with the spelling mistake, won't it bother you and annoy you knowing there is a spelling mistake? :P  It would me, I couldn't stand it, would have to fix it lol

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    No its pretty simple to fix, i have already done it for my own copy on the PC. It was the first thing i did haha. Yes it bugs the hell out of me that's why i don't watch it on you tube lol. Really brings it all down to be honest. If i new many more people would actually be watching it i would definitely upload a new copy but its hardly being watched now so maybe if i move the video it wont reflect good i suppose.

    thanx again bud :)

  • Damn it must have been an insane work ! The result is excellent, thumbs up ! I appreciated the rain drops effect, too, since it gives an additional mood to the scene. Perfect match between the spoken text and the animation...

  • A band I'm playing with as a keyboardist did a similar work few years ago, I like this typography art, it's pure creativity since it needs no live shots, actors or props, only hours of graphic work... 


  • Deweak -- what program was used to make your band's video? It's sharp.

    Can I assume the  squish/bounce deform on the letters was a function of the program and not laboriously keyframed by you?

  • I watched it again -- very, very excellent.  Who produced it?  Is there a tuturial online that explains the process?

  • I think it was made on After Effects, but I don't know the details since this video was created before I came in the band...

  • Nice work, powerful use of text.

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    @Deweak  ... Looks like maybe a powerpoint production? Kinetic typographer in After effects is extremely time consuming to be sure so I would think something easier was used.

  • Deweak 

    Thanx bud pleased you enjoyed it , that one you posted was awesome dude. I really like this stuff especially with a good soundtrack or speech. It looks pretty professional and i too have seen many that always say they use after effects. The music wasn't my language but that sounded great to, beat and rhythm wise. Thanx for sharing bud :)


  • Absolutely love it!



  • @Deweak . That is simply and perfectly AWESOME. And, yes, HOURS upon HOURS of meticulous work. Congrats. Wonderful job. 

  • @Funktastic For a first attempt, that looks pretty nice!  As others have said, great choice of audio to work with, and I like the variety of looks you have throughout the piece.  A few spots don't work as well as others, but with time and experience you'll learn more about what works and what doesn't.

    Oh, and while some are talking about spelling, HitFilm has no "s" on the end.  ;)

    @DLKeur The piece that @Deweak posted was made by someone else, I believe.  It was just shared as another example of fun typography art, as is this piece:


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