TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Rendering Fire in Eevee with transparency- 7/19/2020



  • This is the final result of my test on the Beach scene. I moved the location of the bake files to an SSD and played with the particle settings in FLIP Fluids to get the foam a bit better and I also switched to the FLIP Fluids built-in water material, and, oh, I reduce the samples from 500 to 300.  The bake time dropped to only 11:10 minutes and the render dropped to 34:16 minutes. Once again I compiled in Hitfilm.

  • @HeySiri Watching a livestream replay today of Markom3D and he was using a motion capture app called Glycon

    They have some options on pricing as I know budget is a huge factor for you.  I thought it looked pretty cool and will certainly keep it in mind if I ever need to do some people animating.  right now I'm stuck on stupid with the FLIP Fluids add-on :)  Baking a Seaview sub breech surfacing as I type.  Hope it looks decent...

  • @tddavis thanks! I'll check it out. But I think I have a good mocap system set up with my Xbox kinect and NI Mate and Blender. If you want, I'll let you know when I've got it fully functional.

  • Playing with FLIP Fluids to try a shot I have wanted to do since I commissioned this model.  (I am in the process of tweaking it and I want to retexture it with that Armor Paint program to add rivets and such but so much else going on.  I had a few more frames at the top of the rise of the sub but it just didn't look right when I played it back in Hitfilm so I cut out a few there.  I hope the wave movement doesn't jitter too much.

    I got the Khaos add on today so next some (hopefuully) cool massive explosions and smoke and fire.

  • That is cool. :)

  • @spydurhank Thanks.  It's passable for a first pass but it does need a lot of work especially the timing.

  • @tddavis The beach scene and breach are very nice!

  • @Hobbesvfx Thanks for taking a look.

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    Like you said, first pass, so we'll look forward to the next one. In this first pass the water scale feels off to me. Too much swell.... Unless you're trying for 100% authentic "small scale model in a tank," size. In which case, perfect!

    Of course with sims it always takes forever to iterate revisions... 

  • @Triem23 Thanks for taking a peek.  Amen to the comment about sims! :) And I was mostly just trying out the new add-on to see what it would do; not going for the scale model look or anything.  I noticed the interaction with the domain sides was too confined.  I have to try to damp it at the boundaries or scale up the domain and that leads to a world of longer bakes!  Yeesh.  I think there may be a setting to stop the action at the edges but not really sure.


    This is my 3rd attempt but I didn't post the 2nd because it wasn't enough of a change. As always, PNG sequence from Blender compiled in Hitfilm and I did a little curves on the color on this one as well.  Going to have to carve out some time to get this model some retexture love soon.  There's a section on the sides that just doesn't take the current tex properly.

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    @spydurhank Thanks, Frank.

    Edit: Since I try to learn too much at one, maybe I should hire you to put a nice texture on this commissioned model for me.  Any time in your hectic schedule?

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    @tddavis That's looking pretty good!  

    I wonder if there some way to have the water stick to the hull a little longer and slide off?   Might add another layer for sea foam as she breaches?   Another thing to note (since this has kind of a "model in the water" feel) is whether, like they did back in the day, it looks more realistic in slow mo.

    It looks like you started a camera move during the shot.  You might consider keeping the camera move going.  That adds a little bit more life to the scene.

    I checked out the Flip Fluids link.  Holy Moly!  Only $76 bucks for the plugin.  I might even invest in that just to have it - but I don't know Blender.  Wish they had a version for LW.

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    @Stargazer54 I had that thought about slomo and stretched the clip a bit in Hitfilm but I think a re render at 120 fps might be better.  I tried to up the sheeting setting which I hoped was stickiness to objects but since I didn't really know what the setting was for I didn't go far enough, I think.  And somehow I lost all my foam accidentally. It is a great plug in so far...lots to learn though.

  • Ok, another software alert for the discerning VFXer.  Blender has added support for something I knew nothing (and still don't) about called OpenVDB.  Here is a program that claims to make great looking sims in far less time than what I've been knocking about on my FlipFluids sims (Got a 120fps trial rendering as I type!)  Anyway, they creating some free cool assets and can downloaded here and you can read about their software:


    This is my final result on the Seaview project.  I made some adjustments to the FLIP Fluid setting especially regarding the foam and rendered at 120 fps which I then brought into a 30 fps project and then I rate stretched it from 8 sec to 12 seconds.

  • Wowzers! :)

    Very cool. :)

  • That is some very cool looking water, how long did it take to render that little beauty?

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    @Andy001z It was running about 4 to 5 minutes per frame for 250 frames, so about 18 to 19 hours.  But that's without going back and checking actual time stamps.  The bake at 300 was significantly less than my beach scene.  That took like 40 hours to bake and this just over 8 hrs. I did some tweaking on the color ramp in Blender this last go-round to add some green hues cause I thought it was just too blue.  Thanks.

    And thank you to @spydurhank as well.

    Edit:  Looking at the time stamps it was actually 1 minute shy of 24 hrs render time.

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  • @Stargazer54 Thanks for your input before.  I still see a hint of model in an aquarium but not as bad.

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    @tddavis I keep thinking about scale.  Back in the day when they were using Lightwave for Babylon 5 (I can hear @Triem23 coming down the hall now) there was a lot of discussion about building the 3D models to scale.  (I believe the station was supposed to be a mile long?)  So the model was built at that scale.

    Anyway, the  point of it is if you use a "real world" lens in the 3D scene then computationally the virtual camera will react to the object accordingly producing more depth of field and so on.  It just "looks" bigger.   When you get close it fills the screen and takes more time to move away from, and so on.

    So, I wonder what the scale is of your model, which virtual lens, etc.  Maybe approaching it that way will give the scene more scale.  Just a thought.

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    @Stargazer54 I will definitely look into that.  I noticed just today when typing description for Youtube that the FLIP sim was set for a world setting of something like x (the length of the water box) 9.xx meters.  I think it is using Blender units somehow so I have to figure out the calculations.  I believe the specs say the Seaview 75 feet but that sounds small to me (got to look those up again too)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nah, Seaview is over 500 ft long.

    Wikipedia agrees with other fan sites on length, beam, displacement, etc. 

  • @Triem23 You are correct.  I got home and looked at my blueprints 576 ft.   I was only off a decimal place but it was the first one :) Doh!

  • A very weak entry into this weeks (#15) VFX Prompt Challenge.  Tried and tried to slow down the particle generator but never could find the secret sauce.  I also forgot to add SFX and music to the entry but bless Youtube for the easy to add music clips.

  • Nice but I think you needed more butterflys, fill the space with them, make me all what the ..... If going on.

  • @Andy001z That was my original thought as well, but they were so darned jittery and I couldn't find the setting that seemed to control that so I kept the number low...although I did key frame the particles to increase toward the middle of the clip then back off bit toward the end.  Ideally, if i had more time to work out the kinks i wanted to make swirling funnel of butterflies. Thanks for watching though.  Your entry was much much better.

  • @GrayMotion Did you ever do what you needed with that Blood vessel model you asked me about in one of @FilmSensei 's live streams?  I got a cool Particle City perk from CBaileyFilms as a patreon and it dawned on me I could use his traffic flow method to animate the blood cells.  It took me a while to figure out how he bound the particles to the bezier (not what I thought he was doing at all) but I finally got it working.  This is really short because the rendering was intense!

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