Where is my serial code?

So I get hitfilm 4 express, download it, add my account then it says. "Serial Code Needed" So, where is the serial code? Only way I can find it is if you can buy it, but you said it's free. So how do I get my code for activating it for "free" like you guys say? Please Respond ASAP! 


  • Hi @Exrett,

    When you downloaded HitFilm Express, you should have received an email with a "Download HitFilm Express" link in it. Please click that link to complete the registration process and register the free serial to your account.

    You will then be able to activate the software using your email address and password.

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  • @CNK with respect, we've discussed this before, and we've added additional messaging to try and make it more clear to users. As I have pointed out before, the majority of users proceed through Express registration without incident. If you are able to point out a specific place where we are getting this wrong, I would be pleased to hear it.

  • I sent you a PM, Daniel and edited previous post.

  • @DanielGWood

    It still shows the pop-up, and I don't know if it worked or not.

  • @Exrett according to the information I can see, your license is not yet verified. Once you click the link in the email, the license becomes verified (I have just tested this myself).

    It's possible that your browser or email client is breaking the link we're sending to you, so I'm going to manually verify your license for you. Please wait 5 minutes, then restart Express and Activate.

  • @DanielGWood

    It worked, thanks! Now I am verified. Top Kek!

  • Happy to hear it!

  • I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to export the video so I can save it in my computer but it says "click here to activate" I click on it and it gives you two options "activate and unlock" or "get a free license" I chose the second option "get a free license" but it just takes me to the home page. Honestly just want to know if I can save it to my computer, and if so, how. Or just stop wasting my time. Thank you

  • @MariaBolanos Your Hitfilm activation should be linked to the email address you used to download it. 

    On this page, click "Menu" then "Account." This takes you to a screen with your downloaded software, and will show your serial number. 

    In Hitfilm, go to the File Menu, select "Options" then the Activations tab. Check your data there. 

  • @Triem23 It worked. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. Appreciate it

  • @MariaBolanos No problem. You're welcome!

  • Hello sir, Same problem, I am unable to getting serial code, its been nearly 1 week,  but , there is no download email, and 

    "Menu" bottom or GET HITFILM EXPRESS bottom couldn't be clicked.

    what is the solution sir??

  • Axel must have got so much nagging to make that video, but it must be such a relief to be able to just drop the link in a thread. :D

  • Triem23, I watched this video, Unable to find solution  sir

  •  @Palacono

    I'm sure you've noticed in the last month a concerted effort to create quick reference to a lot of redundant questions. Daniel Wood created a "Where is my Serial Code?" thread, Axel did this video. Aladdin and Norman's Transcode threads... Heck, I've come across six threads in the last two days that were interface questions. Instead of typing out the same long answers it was just, "here's my video, skip to >timecode.<"

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    Yes, it's also a shame someone can't write some code on the pages where the downloads are stored to detect that someone has linked to them directly and traffic is coming from outside the site, rather than an internal link, and direct people to the pages they just skipped where they'd have to go through the registration process. Then they wouldn't be in the position where they needed the tutorial. :)

    You'll never get those links hidden from Google, but something could probably be done about redirecting the traffic when it arrives from the wrong direction.

    But, look up ^^^. Video didn't help in this case. :(

  • @Himal10

    If the Menu isn't working and the blue GET HITFILM EXPRESS button isn't working, I would guess that JavaScript is disabled. Have you disabled this in your browser? Are you running a plugin like NoScript?

  • as a staff or moderator are you able to look up my serial code?

  • when I look mine up it says that I have not activated my account but when I click the button in the e-mail it says that I allredy activated my account

  • @Iphantommenace

    Bear in mind there is a difference between a verified/activated account (the step at the beginning where we ensure your email address exists), and having a license for HitFilm Express.

    To claim your copy of HitFilm Express 2017, sign in here: https://hitfilm.com/express/westworld-to-yuma

  • I have a license but no code

  • @Iphantommenace

    Once you have a license you can get your serial code from your account . Most of the time you won't need the serial code though - you can just login with your email address and password, and it will pick up on your license automatically.

  • Which serial code? My computer serial code or??

  • But why do we need a serial code to login? Where is my serial code?

  • @Cralle in terms of HitFilm, this post is ancient. If you’re having issues, please start a new thread.

    @TheBenNorris Time to close up shop on this one

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