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  • @Triem23 OK, I'll wait and see then. :) Not seeing the PD Howler 10 directly at that price. Maybe when you're upgrading?

    On the Special Offers various discounts are mentioned, but when checking PD H10 specifically "is it on sale/current price?" it comes to $88.80, but does mention a discount coupon if coming from earlier versions (9.6 included).

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    @Palacono I actually downloaded the PDHowler 10 just... five hours ago. However, that was by going to the link that was in this thread's initial post and following a link from there. I now see the original link is a 404. It's possible I misread Aug 7 for Aug 17?

    Maybe I did the download just in time!

    Let me poke around for a minute, see what I find.

    Found it.

    PDHowler v10 Discount Coupon

    @Aladdin4d While I was here, I updated your initial post to indicate the giveaway is over, but added the link there to the v10 discount.

  • @Triem23 Noted and thanks!

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    By the way i used a test scene of 10 frames and made it to 280 frames with PD Howler.  It worked much better then i thought. It is very scene depended probably. The old more problematic one was a scene with fast moves. This is more subtle and had only a small problematic part. I always get error messages at the end but the scene works and i could export the frames.

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    @Sarasota scroll down the page a bit for a discount code. The sale is still on until August 14

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    Thanks Aladdin.

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    Hi all, we have added a few new tutorials on working with video and creating turbulent, animated clouds. You can find a few mentioned in the latest issue of the newsletter #125, which also mentions a review from a blogger/user of Project Dogwaffle at the Maketrix.

    Also, for those amongst this group who are programmers and software developers themselves, and perhaps interested in seeing some of our code, or using the prior SDK too, in order to make plugins, this might interest you, or amuse: Dan Ritchie (the developer of Project Dogwaffle) has released a series of videos that provide insights into some of the current ongoing development needed for a new internal API that will enable development of new features for release 11 down the road.

    You can find these, if interested, in the pdhowler channel at http://www.youtube.com/pdhowler

    PS: I don't know if this is a faux-pas, but at the risk of offending a few hardcode users of Hitfilm who don't like Premiere or After Effects:

    AdobeMax is coming to San Diego late October, and there will be a series of seminars before the seminars, so to speak: sponsored by Adobe, hosted by Stephen Burns (president of the PS User group here in San Diego), these are called artistry workshops. We will be presenting various aspects and techniques there, on how to create content for ultimate use in Premiere, After Effects, and I suppose also Hitfilm, so if you're in town, we'd love to meet you there. If you have some really cool video clips that were made with Hitfilm and PD Howler, we'd love to see them for possible inclusion in what we'll be showing there.

    Email Philip at www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/about



    PS: newsletter is here - Working with Video:


  • @PhillipStaiger nothing wrong with talking a little Adobe here. Many users use both. Of course, anything generated in PD Howler can import into Hitfilm, so anything you show for Adobe stuff easily translates. 

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    Happy New Year everyone. Here's to hoping and wishing it will be a Hit year for you all!




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     @PhillipStaiger and may you have a Howlingly good 2017!

  •  Nicely done.

  • @PhilipStaiger Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Yeah, I suspect I'll be upgrading... 

  • Interesting. Scripting with Visual Basic. I once wrote a VBA script engine for a client. Their software was surveying software. Windows and Mac. They were not sure about the language and at the time there were not VBA books at the local bookstore than you could shake a stick at. Handy documentation. All that remained was their custom object model.


  • @PhillipStaiger Enjoying your preview vids for PD Howler 11. Also tried my first experiment tonight with exporting out a landscape from 3D designer and rendering it out in Hitfilm with some Hitfilm particles.

    Everything worked smoothly. Howler is absolutely one of those gems of artistic software. It's got some workflow things I'm still having to adjust to, but the more I use it the more I like it.

  • A couple of more videos on new features in PD Howler 11



    Looks like PD Howler 11 is coming in March and you can pre-order now. You'll get Howler 10 now and Howler 11 free when it's released for $49.00

    Howler 10 owners need to contact @PhilipStaiger through the address below for a 50% off coupon code making the upgrade $24.50


    If you have a version older than 10 (like 9.6 given away when this thread was started) you still get a discount of 35% by using the link above to get a discount code.

    Finally if you don't have any version of Howler and don't want to take the pre-order route you can get a 25% discount on Howler 10 and pay for the upgrade later by using this coupon code EJYJ000NP if that fits your budget better.

    If you've never tried Howler before seriously consider taking advantage of one of the offers here. It really is "absolutely one of those gems of artistic software.". It has its quirks and different ways of doing things but once you dig in those quirks and differences are a good thing and it's a great addition to HitFilm.


  • Here are some recent test renders, some at preview quality.



    v11 is imminent


    Done with the Path tracer (Puppy Ray) in PD Howler 11.

    What is Puppy Ray?



  • We have a release candidate RC17 ready for release soon. If you want to take it for a spin, there's a demo version



  • You may remember the code names we had for most prior projects, such as "Fly in the ointment",  "Purely Ballistic", or "World's cutest T-Rex", to name a few.

    This one is called "Axehead", because it's all about sharpening your axe. Once you have that tool tuned right, it will help you get the job done faster.


  • @PhilipStaiger yeah, I'll be doing my v11 pre-order on my next paycheck. Between Howler, Hitfilm, Vegas Pro and Gimp I'm about to totally cut the Adobe cord after 25 years. 

    Btw, since I've tagged you, Puppy Ray in v10 doesn't seem to like my Nvidia 980m 8GB with the most recent driver. Any immediate thoughts, or should I go through your site for this kind of tech support question? 

  • @Triem23 Not sure if this covers your problem but it might. Under certain conditions doing intensive GPU work a system will seem frozen and if this goes on too long Windows basically resets the GPU driver as a "recovery". 


  • @Aladdin4d I'll look at this video later (I'm out and about), but when trying to launch Puppy Ray GPU, I get a "Your GPU doesn't meet requirements" message. A 980m is a pretty badass GPU, and roughly equivalent to a desktop 770, so I would think it has the power. 

    I should have specified the error message above. 

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    PD Howler 11 now available. 

    Base price has been lowered to $49 (from $79) and is 15% off through March, 2017. 


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    @Aladdin4d yeah... the GPU problem? While I'd told the Nvidia software to use the GPU in Howler, I hadn't told Howler (in Howler settings) to use the GPU. Some months, I'm an idiot.

    On the other hand I've sent off my PDHowler 10 receipt to @PhillipStaiger who will be either amused or annoyed at my "singing" at him in the email. Ready to move to 11!

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    Howler 11 now needs support for Shader level 6. In many cases, if you run games with DirectX 11, it is probably there. There are a few exceptions though. You can try the demo i the demozone to see if your card is good for GPU features in Howler 11.


    Other requirements listed here:




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    Hello again. We've recentl had a free update for version 11: 11.1 is the Summer Splash update.


    Here are a few new resources, to help you build backgrounds and landscapes.






    Here's a new tutorial:



    We have had several newsletters with extra content and tutorials and tips/tricks.





     If you already have version 11, get the update for free as described here:





  • Howler is 20 years old!

    For the next 20 days PD Howler and Artist are available for 52% off.

    That makes Howler $23.52 and Artist $12.96 and the free update to 11.2 Feeding Frenzy is coming soon.

    • Brush stabilizer tool: improved and rewritten, smooths the motion of the pointer for better-looking brush strokes.
    • Improved Symmetry panel 
    • OBJ export: Saving objects (3D OBJ format) from 3D designer now exports a MTL file with texture images in various formats.
    • Post-Correction: now on Curves too, to change the appearance along the path with an envelope curve, and against a color gradient tool.
    • Warp-mode for the Free Transform tool






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