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    @TriFlixFilms looks like the link you gave doesn't fully work either.


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    Thank you for informing me @JMcAllister... stupid mistake on my part :(

    The link had been updated :) 

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    Could you get your colour grading more 'unified' so that your face is the same colour throughout? As that's what's in the shot all the time, it's very obvious when you go pink, green, grey, orange from shot to shot. It even changed colour mid shot (or shot end) at 4:44 just before you laughed and said "So Stupid". Was that intended to be a fake blush?

    Also when you shouted out SirCheeseKnight and pointed up into the corner for where a link (and a thumbnail?) to his page would be...there was nothing there.

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    Starting this vlogs series has been one of the best filmmaking decisions I've made so far. Mainly because it forces me to do something... learn.

    I attempted to improve quality by using prores instead of h.264 this results in laggy play backs. Typically I white balance and color grade at the end but because the of the lag I had to do the shots individually. This resulted in, ironically, poor quality.

    So from here on out, I will return to h.264 and grading scenes at a time rather than shots at a time.

    Another interesting tid-bit I learned was you can no longer have annotations AND end cards in a video anymore on YouTube. Was pretty bummed since I wanted to support SirCheeseKnight, so I gave him an end card. Have to start a habit of saying "links in the description below and at the end of the video" instead of pointing on screen.

    Hopefully this information will help others @palacono :)

    UPDATE: Just went back and added one of those "!" cards to the video linking to his channel

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    VLOGS 007: Meeting NF & Social Club

    One of the coolest days of my life. Hopefully these God sent encounters will lead to future blessings!

  • Feeling old, assume some sort of artist? Guess I'll have to watch.

  • The are a very positive and morally sound (I'm my opinion) hip hop duo. The promote feeding the culture and elevating the youth. Their followers are called the 'misfits' as they reach out to younger generations and remind them that they are loved and have a purpose.

    Personally they have been great mentors to me, I DMed them this video on Twitter and they said they loved it @andy001z :)

  • So a kind of Will Smith of this generation.

  • Pretty much @Andy001z hahaha


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    If when you see "TriFlix Thread" in the forum you steer clear, cringe, or even throw up in your mouth... I've got some good news for you.

    I'm well aware the vlogs series isn't everyone's cup of tea nor is everyone into being entertained by the 'Films' series. For these reseaons I will be starting a new series called "Tips." It will be short 1-3 minute videos pertaining to tips and advice for people that only want the meat without all the BS.

    Tips will be uploaded on wednesdays and I will continue uploading two vlogs a week until I've exhausted my 1 month of footage. Just thought this wold be good news for the haters of the vlog/films series...

    Talking about you @tried23 ;)

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    VLOGS 008: Inspire You In 5 Minutes or Less... I Hope

    I wanted to try something new. Short episode, less 'stuff' and more inspiration. Sometimes life is tough and I imagine someone needed to hear this message today. Enjoy :)

    SIDE NOTE: "Die Trying" is an expression I use... a  lot. Wasn't trying to be clickbaity, just a part of my midwestern slang :)

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    TIPS: 001 Top 3 Reason I Love Hitfilm

    Kicking off a new series, TriFlix Tips. Short 1 - 4 minutes episodes where I answer questions and discuss things that I think you guy might find helpful. (Yeah, basically a rebranded TriFlix Fix)

    Today I answer @Aidin from Digital Blast's question, "Why do you use HitFilm?"

  • @TriFlixFilms

    I think YouTube might have messed you up on the onscreen links again.  At the end when you pointed to locations I didn't see anything on screen.

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    Thanks for letting me know @tddavis

    Must be a HitFilm Forum issue because they work in the YouTube app and in youtube browser just not a forum plug-ins.

    You guys know why that is? @triem23 @aladdin4d ;

  •  @TriFlixFilms any update on running OS X in virtualdub? Did you ever get it to work?


  • Hmmm.  You are correct.  I was watching here in the forum and hadn't clicked over to Youtube.  Very interesting to know...

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    1. I was not able to utilize graphic acceleration thus limits to 250mb of GPU. You need 1gb to download FCPX so... no. I was unable to get it to work, but I still have hope. @JMcAllister

    2. You can always just dual boot but that is very parts dependant.

    3. Hopefully the HitFilm team can get this fixed @tddavis

  • VLOGS 009: My Sister's Prom

    In case you guys couldn't tell... I am an extrovert. Hopefully I didn't take away from my sisters special night. Enjoy!

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    FILMS: Get The Girl Teaser

    Can't wait to release this project tomorrow :)

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    FILMS: Get The Girl | Film Riot 80s Monday Challenge

    It's been a long time since our last short film, hopefully this story driven piece will be enough to win the Film Riot Competition. Enjoy!

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    TIPS: How to Remove Noise from Audio (For Free)

    Even people with expensive microphones aren't immune to loud background noises. Here's a quick and easy way to remove background noise. Enjoy!

    At the end I give a shout out to @inscapedigital and The HitFilm Team ;)

  • @TriFlixFilms Hey Tristan,

    Great tip.  My only suggestion is that you blend in some "ambient room sound" To avoid having the silence between the dialog sound as if it was recorded in an  anechoic chamber.  




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    @TriFlixFilms There is an FFMpeg import/export library for Audacity and with it you should be able to open pretty much any video clip without having to export the audio with another program first.

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    Thank you so much @BobDiMarzio! As for "Blend in some ambient room sound." That is some solid advice, I can't believe I overlooked something so simple. Hopefully the next video will be a better improvement :)

    I believe I read something similar to "There is an FFMpeg import/export library for Audacity and with it you should be able to open pretty much any video clip?"  in a previous thread and must have forgotten. My apologizes, @Aladdin4d. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Curious though, do yo guys prefer more: Vlogs, Tips, or Short Films? I plan on taking a poll soon. Want to please my audiences :)

  • @TriFlixFilms  I'm going to super helpful  and say that all three have their separate advantages. I like the change of pace...

  • Short films are fun, but support them with How we did this tutorial, pick something that say you had to learn and share that.

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    VLOG 010: Waffles. [My Mom Named This Episode]

    I've been a little scatter brained lately with all the projects but I think I found my tempo. I'll be releasing a video next week explaining everything... hopefully this will tie you over for the time being. Enjoy :)

  • FILMS: Imagine Dragons - Believer | Adobe Make the Cut

    FILMS - I made this for the Adobe Make the Cut Contest. I'll see you guys Wednesday. Enjoy! 

  • Hi, its a nice video all right, bit hard to judge without knowing the source material that you had to work with. For example take the Chair scene at 1:06 was that a clip of just him in a char on green screen or did it already have the dressed set? Not done a Cut contest so forgive my lack on understanding.

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