[SOLVED] Multiple audio tracks in mp4 video problem

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I recorded a gaming video in obs using two audio tracks (one for in game audio and one for my voice) and it plays fine in vlc player (I of course have to change the audio track to hear the other audio track, but it works) but I can't separate the audio tracks in Hitfilm 4 express. I can only hear one track. is there a way to have both tracks in hitfilm displayed?


  • I've been wanting to know this as well. 

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    Currently HitFilm only supports a single stereo track in a video file so you have to extract any extra tracks and import them separately. Audacity with the FFMpeg library plugin is one good way to do that. Avidemux is another.

  • This is very stupid. I would like when you implement this Feature

  • Signed in to agree with Alex. This is completely stupid.

  • Please say that this will be a feature that will be added in the future! It would be a great addition to Hitfilm!

  • I must agree here as well.. im recording gameplay where i have the game audio, teamspeak and discord on a second and my blue snowball voiceover on the third track. And not only do i have to go through hazzle of using Handbrake to reduce filesize but with similar quality and to gain constant framerate. 

    Also i have to go through the major hazzle of exporting and sorting every audio track for every video segment and managing that alone doubles edit time.

  • >Why I haven't bought Hitfilm and most likely never will

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     @CCUGhostJrDK You could modify @NormanPCN's FFMpeg scripts to do it all in one shot making your life a lot easier.

    Transcoding to fast decode AVC for timeline performance

    For everybody else that thinks it's stupid or whatever else yes it is annoying but unfortunately there isn't a clear cut solution that's going to satisfy everyone and everything. When HitFilm does add support for multi-channel audio there's a good chance you're still going to have problems because what some packages like OBS are doing is technically out of spec.

    While it is feasible to have multiple audio tracks in an MP4 the intent was for additional tracks to be Secondary Audio Programs like additional languages with one track being flagged as the default track. A decoder would then play the default track and ignore the others unless the decoder also had the ability to switch to a different track and the end user elected to do so at which point the newly selected track was played back and all others ignored. What OBS and FFMpeg do to get around this limit is flag any and all tracks as default which hopefully forces a decoder to play back all tracks at once. It works for some decoders but also breaks several others and breaks compatibility with a lot of players because it's a totally out of spec hack. 

  • Install Audacity with ffmpeg and Lame codecs. Open Audacity, go to File - Export Audio. Choose the source media and you will have all audio tracks and you can extract any one of them you want.

    Also, it's not stupid (you should watch your mouth probably) because it's not as simple as "oh, let's just put all tracks in the timeline". Apparently it causes problems so they didn't pick that route. Even some media players like Media Player Classic can't play both audio tracks at the same time.

    I have been using Audacity for this purpose for a long time now. Actually, you SHOULD export the audio track using Audacity because that way you can edit the audio before using it (remove background noise, enhance sound clarity etc.)

    I hope it helps.

  • Using audacity for this atm. Works great. Going to be honest with you. If this were the worst problem to hit my workflow editing, I'd be grateful.

  • This problem is one of the bigger things that keeps me from using hitfilm on the regular. I use the second track to aid in synchronization so ripping it out completely defeats the purpose. If there was at least a way to switch tracks that would be of great help. There are a lot of things I like about hitfilm but this and a few other issues just serve to disrupt my workflow and I almost always fall back on using Resolve because of the ease of having both tracks available and the ability to add markers to the timeline so I can keep track of elements in a track and aligning tracks.

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    I am still really confused on how NoiseNoises or BluesAdam got this to work...The Audacity deal isn't working for me :/

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    for the ones stumbling onto this old thread,
    here's a workaround:

    - in the media browser, right click Media entry and select 'duplicate'
    - for the duplicated entry, right click and select 'properties' (or click the gear)
    - there activate the second audio track
    - drag both media onto tracks
    - right click clip on second track and select 'unlink'
    - delete video clip of second track (audio will stay because it's unlinked)
    - make sure all clips are correctly aligned

    You now have one video clip from first media copy,
    and two audio clips, one with audio track 1 and one with audio track 2

    they are not linked (or I didn't findo out how to),
    so you have to do all editing steps twice.
    Nevertheless it's a quick workaround for small projects.


  • thanks for the post rolffson exactly the quick fix I was looking for 

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