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OK so everyone else seems to throw these 'I've been working on' down, so here is mine. I'll try and remember and post on this link for work I do and share.

So to start things of, last night I played around with the latest Furture Learn course footage to produce a CCTV kinda look.  Didn't take too long, I basicly had about 1.5hrs to play. I will try and do a breakdown soon for the fellow course students. All done in Hitfilm Express 3.

CCTV Footage found @




  • Looking good! 

  • I've done an update. See if that is an improvement.



  • +1 Yep...looking pretty good!

  • Clones look really good... but, *ahem* "Outbreak."

  • Oh dear oh dear, back of the English class for me. What can I say, never publish late evening when you have rushed it. Thanks for feedback guys.

  • The only thing I could suggest is having the camera feed's intro effect happening much faster.  Pairing that with a proper sound effect, you can make it seem like a monitor is being turned on, which could quite possibly give a better feel to things.

    I know, kind of a tiny detail to nitpick about, but for some reason that transition just popped out as unnatural to me.

    Other than  that, it looks pretty awesome.

  • OK so, there was a small spelling issue and it needed some sound, so here is Version 3, yes I know 3 in as many days, I have been busy.

    Feedback welcome

    PS: Thanks @Kaidesa hopefully its faster now, no click however  - yet.

  • @Andy001z I'm wondering if the video image is a little too clean...your first one was maybe a little to crappy(lol), I'm thinking somewhere in between with a little sync problems thrown in would make it more like a shitty surveillance camera.

    The place where I use to work would have the cops bring in footage that they wanted cleaned up and none of it looked as good as yours. lol


  • @PaulHesh yep I figured that was the case, hence my first attempt, but having not seen much real live feeds and knowing the range of quality on these is wide, I went with what you see. I considered the sync idea, but was not 100% sure on what that might look like. I have an exciting idea to take this one set up a notch, and that might need some glictching effect. Think alien abduction. :)

  • TV damage is a great effect. Turn off radio interference, turn on electrical interference, add just a tad of ghosting, adjust synch to taste, and don't use monitor. Put Scan Lines after TV damage, and add Glow after that. Maybe a 25% glow 5 px wide. Maybe 50%

    Then, for fun, look up the PXL 2000, then read this thread.

    Andy, I think you should render this out before your camera effects (if you haven't yet), Image Sequence if you want max quality and bring it back in. Composite is done, so that may as well be "baked in." That downshot is a great little practice run and has a lot of possible combinations. That's also a great shot to experiment with getting different looks. Can you get nightvision? 

  • @Triem23 is TV Damage Hitfilm 4, I was trying to keep this all within the free HF 3Exp. Reqarding render, at the moment I have split it out, so the cloning is now an exported version (Mp4, I've not played with image seq.) then the titles are one composit and then the CCTV setup border, flashing light and text is another. I bring them together in a third Master comp. Then in the editor I use the Master comp and overlay that with the sound effects.

    Night vision hmm interesting, but it will have to wait I have another idea for this scene.

  • @Andy001z - See? Now you did it. You started your own thread and the ideas rush in making you do more work! lol

    The second version looks exactly like the surveillance cams I'm sitting in front of right now. It looks just as good  bad  good  bad know what I mean. ;^)  I suppose it all comes down to the quality of the brand you wish to emulate. Keep up the good work!

  • The big things with security cameras are the recording resolution and analog vs digital. There are a lot of standards based on SD resolutions and they only make sense when you're trying to cram multiple feeds into one stream. Even in the age of HD you'll still see these resolutions in a lot of security systems because the infrastructure is still all analog and you're stuck with it unless you have the money to rewire a whole city for digital or IP cameras or the existing infrastructure is good enough to handle HD SDI signals.




    QCIF – Quarter Common Intermediate Format
    1/4 of CIF video resolution. Allows arranging 16 feeds in a 4X4 matrix in a single D1 stream



    CIF – Common Intermediate Format
    Allows arranging 4 feeds in a 2X2 matrix in a single D1 stream



    Half D1 resolution. Allows arranging 2 feeds side by side in a single D1 stream



    Double Common Intermediate Format. Has the same number of pixels as 2CIF below but they are stretched horizontally. This is basically an anamorphic format to gain a better final resolution while saving bandwidth.



    Allows arranging 2 feeds top and bottom in a single D1 stream



    Single full frame feed.




    There is also another format called 960H that's intended to bridge the gap between the old analog standards and newer HD standards. It's an attempt to maximize what an existing analog framework can handle but it isn't common. It takes new analog cameras and gear on the backend to handle it and if your infrastructure is that good already then you can probably handle HD SDI skipping it completely.

    The moral of the story is if you want to emulate an analog security camera then cut the resolution to one of the standard resolutions and scale it back up because you'll be doing exactly what a real analog security camera system is doing, If you want to emulate a digital or IP system then you're right on target.


  • So here is the latest and I think last post on this Future Learn scene. Added in a little alien beam effect.


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
    edited March 2016

    Nice.  The demise of the characters on the left make the reaction of the characters scurrying around on the right much more convincing. 

    Good idea!

  • Looks cool! Maybe instead of that timer on the bottum left, make it a real time, like   

    17:06:48  ->   17:06:49  ->  17:06:50


  • Note sure how to put up the real time, I looked to see if there was a clock effect. The idea of putting together a manual clock and changing it every second seems bonkers.

    Oh well.

  • Nice work! Love the Combine-like sound design. Man, I miss HL2... :p

  • @Keegan me 2, I needed to clear up some space on my HD at the weekend and I spent a whole 5 mins trying to avoid deleting my Steam HL2 install. Sad day.

  • OK people something new (at last). Played around with masks and blurs and the twirl effects (Hitfilm 4 Pro), plus a few grades to give it the final look. Comments welcome.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ah... The real Irish Guinness. How I miss it. 

    Otherwise you might want to re-show the effects on cleaner footage? All I really noted was the twirl on the text. 

  • Hmm @Triem23 that's interesting, I agree with you that the circle animation is maybe a bit to faint (arrrhh I worked hard on this little sucker!). It didn't look that faint at home but here on the office computer it does, I do hope this is not a monitor issue where my brightness is set to high. Funny I did add some reduced opactity and motion blur maybe this was a tad too much. When I had it all at fully clear it just seemed too in your face and slapped on.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I did view on a mobile phone screen. 5" screen, non-calibrated. Probably had something to do with it. That said, anything I do gets checked on my calibrated computer monitors, two TV's and two smartphones before upload. Audio is checked on PC speakers, TV speakers, a proper sound system phone speakers and car stereo. Mono and stereo. Since one doesn't have control over final display for one's work, it usually good to check across a range of devices. Particularly audio.

    I once mixed a radio ad where I got "fancy" on a dream sequence and created something that had phase cancelation when played in mono. 

  • edited April 2016

    @Triem23 good advice on checking multipul outputs. I will try and remember that, I guess I got a bit carried away in getting it out there, it was getting late and my 1yr old has not been sleeping so well so for me its a case of priorities.

    Interestingly it is better at HD full screen than when played in the Youtube window.

  • I've tweaked my original upload so that the effect is more visible (I hope). Let me know what you guys think.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That read nicely this time. Although, this time I was at full screen on a calibrated laptop. :-)

  • @Triem23 well I spotted that I had disabled a layer which helped a bit boost it up, and I also added a LEVELS effect to boot the white up a bit. I also added a fade for the blur in, so it was less jarring.

  • I think that your GUINESS  video shouldn't have letterbox, it's more of a commercial than a movie. :)

  • @KevinTheFilmmaker true, but I was aiming big and going for the Cinema comercial look (haha).

  • @Andy001z - The second one flows better visually. I see the Cinema commercial format catching on and all from this one meager little 11 second vid! lol

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