THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • An aesthetic.

    I'd like a change from an all black theme. 

  • Hi Stephen, I support this one, I find the different shades of grey not always that easy in the eye. A colour scheme with more contrast would work. 

  • The ability to assing colors to compositshot layers. Similar to the color system in the AVID Bins.
    Would make it way easier to keep an overview especially in complex composits with lots of layers by for example assigning green to all Media files, white to tracking Point layers, green to all grade layers.... you get what i mean.
    Could look somthing like this
    (colors in the example are compley arbitrarily)

  • @StephenSE9 @57jgm not saying I disagree  because I DO agree it would be nice to customize the colors, but the reason for the mid grey scheme is to avoid leading the eye into a color bias. For example, two shades of green next to each other blend. Stick a red in between and both greens look MORE green. 

    (FYI mods aren't FXHOME staff, just user volunteers. Just noting the science of the color theory :D

  • Triem23, thank you for the explanation. I do now want to say you are overthinking this, but maybe a compromise is the way. Have a default setting, and two or three for preference. 

  • 57jgm  <thumbs_up_emoji>

    @Triem23, could we have a Thumbs Up emoji? 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @StephenSE9 not over thinking this. Hitfilm, Vegas, Photoshop, After Effects, Mocha, Affinity Photo, Boris FX and RED, Avid, FCPX, Resolve, PD Howler, GIMP, Krita, Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, Sculptris... Pretty much any video/photo/3D program uses a neutral gray interface for the exact reason I mentioned above (The actual theory name is "Simultaneous Contrast.").

    I would agree users should have the option to change interface colors to their preferences, but basic grey is the standard for graphics programs where color accuracy is required: usually about 30% for the dark 70% for the light. :)

    I'd love a thumbs up emoji, but I don't work for FXHOME, so that's up to the web team. :) 

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    @Triem23 Vegas offers Grey, White and Dark Grey now, so.... At least @SYMI3OL 's suggestion of composite shot layer colours is something that supposed to be coming soon.

  • I would love to change the UI color, I would change most of it to Gray as having a Gray background makes it way, way easier on me when I'm doing anything with Color. I would tag Folders-Assets in the media bin with desaturated colors and tagging Assets in the timeline is a really great idea.

    I have most of my apps ui set to as close to Gray as I can. Even my text editor is set to Gray. For me Gray is personal preference and has nothing to do with Theory as Gray is simply easier on my eyes while a UI with a higher contrast makes it trickier when working with Color.

    Especially for testing, pre-viz and when I'm working with 3D models, in a scene I use r-128 g-128 b-128 or neutral Gray in my background. If my 3D object looks good against a Gray background, I know that it will look good when I slap in a HDRI image, color background or footage.

  • I didn't really ask for these 11.0 features....can we get the essentials built in first like aka locking the layer 

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    I wish the text effect has the font support that the text layer recently received. I am on Windows.

    The text effect does not support all installed fonts.

    The font enumerator is wrong in that it always lists Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic fonts, regardless of what is actually installed. Simulated Italic, Bold, etc do seem to work which might imply the OS font engine being used. If so, then all fonts should work so the font enumerator seems the culprit. I am not big on simulated fonts and the text layer does not do simulated fonts so there is a consistency issue with the text layer.

    I also wish the text effect had a character spacing property.

  • @NormanPCN Arial Font Family is a bit unusual now. Narrow is still a separate font, but Black is Arial with a dropdown selection, like Italic. Can't have Arial Black Bold/Italic, which other programs manage, even if they are cheating. Confoooosing. 

  • You are speaking of the text layer. I was speaking of the text effect (and by extension Credit roll and SciFi crawl).

    Yes, it is a bit unusual to combine Black into the Arial family given the font family name specifics in the metadata. Of course Black should have always been with Arial but MS separated it due to the braindead way most Windows apps do fonts (MS apps included). Using Bold and Italic buttons. Those two buttons don't leave room for Light, Demi, Heavy, Black and so on. Thus you need a separate font family for Black, Light, Demi and so on. This combining of Black into Arial in the text layer creates a self consistency issue with the text effect.

    I have purchased fonts with a full range of weights from Extra light to Extra Bold. I have used a font metadata tool, Transtype, to "fix" those to separate families so that I can have the weights I want work in braindead code. e.g. NewBlue, and most Vegas text generators. 

    I would assume that if I installed as purchased all those weights for a given family it would work properly in the text layer font enumerator. The text effect font enumerator is braindead as it exists right now. As previously described and very likely with respect to the less common font weights. 


  • @StephenSE9 @Triem23 You can do a thumbs-up emoji currently. Type this, but without the spaces:

    : +1 :

    With no spaces, it gets translated as :+1:

  • @jsbarrett ; Thanks dude, this is cool. :+1:

  • A full list of emoji for this forum software is here:

    I haven't run a thorough test, but I think the Twitter emoji collection is the one in use here.

  • Wow cool, thanks again. :)

  •  @jsbarrett ; Way to hijack the thread. :wink:

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    :naughty: :trollface:

  • @Triem23, you forgot Lightworks. 🙂


  • @StephenSE9 I've never used Lightworks. I only listed software I've used at some point  :) 

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    jsbarrett , thank you for providing a list of emoji codes. I have created a shortcut to my desktop. :+1:

    I think what I was asking is to have the list of emojis on the drop-down menu extended. 8-)

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    Another feature I'd like in HitFilm is to be able to compare a still frame from the project to the current video I'm working with. This is especially helpful when color matching shots. Without that I have to constantly go back and forth to see if the clips look the same.

    A workaround is to export the visual that has to be matched, import it into the project, and display it in the Trimmer panel, but imagine how tedious this work is when you have to work on multiple clips.

  • The ability to selectively turn off the Dotted/Solid circles etc. of the the Effect controls to have the same control options as in HF2017, which wasn't as visually cluttered. Off, Half, Full instead of On/Off?

    Anyone else not like them, or is it just me? Either way, make it an option and everyone's happy?

  • Hello, does Hitfilm have an "flying letters" effect like this one:

  • @zexavier No, HitFilm doesn't have a built-in effect that does that kind of character-based animation. You could pull it off with a bit of work (okay, a lot of work), but your best option would probably be to use other software to animate and light the text, then render a PNG sequence and bring that into HitFilm for further processing/editing.

    Having the option to apply character-level changes to a text layer in HitFilm would be pretty nice, though. 

  • Doesn't the Boris Text Add-on do something like that? I don't play with it much, but someone else must have.

  • Yes Boris has something like that. The Type On feature. There are actually two different implementations of "Type On" in Boris. Both support random for the per character fly in. I am speaking of Title Studio. There is an older legacy Type On text stand alone effect one can use as well.

  • Dang. I keep forgetting about the Boris plug-ins. I do very little with 3D objects, so I haven't even tried them yet. 

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