THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    basically to mattes.  one vertically one horizontally.  (think old school film mattes) one simple projects onto another and the light becomes the distortion point. 

    was just thinking for some people who struggle with shadows.  i'm ok without it.  just thought it might be a nice addition... never mind :)

  • The ability to add markers and a audio synchronization thing so we don't have to waste time manually doing it 

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    +1 markers. Markers are snapping points of course.

  • +1 for Markers.   A lot of folks are used to them and are starting to expect it when checking out HF.   Also, being able to hit a key and create a marker while you playback on the timeline is a desired and wanted feature.

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    +2 on markers. I gots two thimbs, and be glad I left it there... 

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    I'm not demanding another Japanese font, but Yu Mincho Demibold and Yu Mincho Light are not working 100% properly. Some "enclosed" parts of the Kanji characters are "filled" with the font colour. It's difficult to explain, but "□" should not be "■". Try copy and pasting "温回黄用" in Yu Mincho Demibold for example. I'll be grateful if you can fix this problem.

  • +1 for Markers

  • I didn't see this feature in the list, but some form of better organization of sub-clips of imported media.

    Use case is when working with long shots like drone footage, which can be > 10m per clip, it would be useful to have a button on the editor to save a section of that clip that appears as a new media file in the media tab. Currently you have to basically add it to the timeline, then create a composite clip, when all you really want is a reference to the original file with in/out times.

    Another nice thing would be to disable audio on imported media so it doesn't add a new audio track when adding to the timeline. This could be in the properties of the media, maybe just a checkbox to disable audio for it.

    Also +1 Markers ;)

  • This might get buried but that most important thing I think HF needs to add is an audio limiter.


    The advancements of the 2017 versions of Pro and Express really made strides in terms of audio, but the last piece of the puzzle is a limiter or compressor to shape sound.

    The "60% of film is sound" saying is absolutely true and I think until audio is solid HitFilm will have a hard time being adopted by "professional" editors.


  • @djfrodo HitFilm Pro V6 added a Compressor effect.

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    @droneblake Just hold the Alt key down while dragging the clip to the timeline it take only the video or audio from a clip. Media panel or trimmer. Drag to a video track and you only get video. Drag to an audio track you only get audio. This only works on the NLE timeline.  Media dragged to a composite timeline always has both video+audio.

    +1 on subclips.

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    Hey @ToddGroves, @spydurhank and @Triem23, thank you for taking the time to talk with me about folders/structure!

    I will definitely check out y'alls tips. To clarify, I would really like to be able to just drop a loaded folder in the Media bin, as this has been my workflow forever.

    I have been updating my workflow and Googling workarounds like /crazy/ since I switched, lol. I hope HitFilm continues to update the timeline controls I mentioned, as to me this is the part that most affects my speed. - Winter!

  • Feature request for this forum:

    The ability to like comments/vote on features. It might make it a lot easier for devs to know what people are clamoring for.

    I have noticed the +1 thing though. Very 8-bit theater, I like it :) - Winter!

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    @MCMedia on forum requests... Dunno what the new look and/or features will be, but on the live Q&A last Thursday Josh did say this website/forum was being updated. Don't know when the team will go live with it, but Josh hinted at later this year. As a guess, I would think it would be aligned with a major update--like a full-number version of Express or Pro? 

  •  I would really, really, really love for 3D models to self reflect in HitFilm Pro. FYI I'm aware of how HitFilm currently handles reflections.

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    @spydurhank I'll +1 that, even though we both know that's a totally new reflection engine for the poor coders to write. Methinks that needs full raytracing. 

  • @Triem23 dude, I would +1 all day for HitFilm to have Raytracing and I Know that it would be a major update but so was the import of 3D models way back in the earlier days of HitFilm Pro. It is just a wish after all.

    Just thinking about it a lot while doing promo shots in HitFilm Pro for some hard surface models and noticed the reflections. It is fine since there are ways and means to fake it in HitFilm Pro. :)  

  • @spydurhank it would speed up the workflow,so you wouldn't have to fake the reflection 

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    I Know I Told you this before, but I can't Resist, so Sorry for all of this Stuff!

    Let's just get some of the Cool Audio Effects that Sony Vegas and Audacity has, Like

    Distortion: And I'm not Talking about Channel Levels.

    Reverb: So the Existing Reverb Effects go as Presets in the Reverb Effect,

    Track EQ: But if there is an Effect Like that in Hitfilm, then I'm Sorry.

    Vibrato: Along with a Vibration Value, so you don't have to make a Composite Shot and Modify the Pitch of the Pitch Effect Up and Down.

    Vocoder: You know, for Robots and Meme Videos.

    Resonant Filter: Again so the Telephone and Shortwave Radio go as Presets in the Resonant Filter Effect.

    Decimator: Lowers the Quality of the Audio, Presets can be 8000, 11025 and 22050.

    And the Allowance of OGG, OGA and OGV File Formats to be Imported.

    And All the Pro Effects and Features being in a Pack for the Express Version of Hitfilm.

    And even the Method and Stretch Attributes for the Pitch Shifting Effect that Sony Vegas has, so we can Make Fake Female Voices?

    Even a Deform Effect, which would be the Effect of the Same Name that Sony Vegas has.

    Please Add all of those Effects and Features I Mentioned to Express as well. You probably could.



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    I'd like to ask the stuff to take a look at an older tutorial of hitfilm to understand the importance of a feature hitfilm had in the past. It's about this tutorial I played through after a bigger discussion in forum thread about jet engines:

    As you can see in this tutorial with HF 2 Ultimate Simon Jones was working most times in the control panel to set properties while the layer stack remains as is. Please take some time and work through the part with the emitter setups in Hitfilm Pro: You will soon get lost in the layer stack because it's expanding corresponding to the control panel. 
    This is a good example that the old behavior is better than the new synced behavior between layer stack and control panel. 
    This is a good demonstration that layer stack and control panel - which has already be wished - can be "unlinked" so expanding the control panel will not expanding the layer stack like it has been as you can see in HF 2 Ultimate. 
    If you make it an option you can satisfy those you made it for (if not by accident added this feature) as well as others.
    Just try to walk through the tutorial and you will waste a far amount of clicks and time only to collapse the self expanding layer stack.

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    @Juda1 sometimes features are damned if ya do, damned if you don't. The layer stack synching with the Controls Panel was added because users asked for it. Why? So when adjusting values that are keyframed one wouldn't have to "waste time" twirling everything open in the Layer Stack. Heh. 

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    @Triem23 well there is an easy fix for that: Make it an option.

    Make everything an option.

    Like one to turn Off the latest "circles on the screen" method of parameter changing would be nice. Especially as they stay on even when the effect is turned off, so you have to select another layer (and hope that's not got one on it) to get them out of the way.

  • @Triem23: That's why I suggest to make it as an option. And with the newly added possibility to keyframe using the control maybe it get's less important.

    You are absolutely right with that twirling argument BUT:

    What I would suggest: If I drop an effect onto a layer in the layer stack it should expand so that it can be easy keyframed without twirling. But if I work inside the control panel and drop an effect there I would not expect the layer stack to expand. Hitfilm has this two options so why not using it? 
    On the other hand the question is: As you said users where asking for it not to twirl it open IF keyframing is the next step. Since it nearly auto-twirls on a lot of simple steps in the control panel I don't see the advantage when now users have to collapse it all times :)

    What do you think about it: Auto-Twirl (maybe as option) where the effect is dropped to. If dropped to control panel leave the layer stack as-is?

  • @SadistDemon ;Instead of adding more audio effects directly to HitFilm, my vote (technically another +1 to an existing request) would be to add support for OS-native audio plugins (AU, VST, etc), the same kind used by any DAW.  That would likely be a far better use of dev time than reinventing the wheel by coding more effects from scratch.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    +1 some form of audio plug in support. VST is probably best choice as it's cross-platform. 

  • @Triem23 That's why I said "OS-native".  Both Windows and Mac could use VST plugins, but Mac could also use AU plugins.  Yes, it's more dev time because it's not just a single solution for both platforms, but I think it would make users far happier.  Especially this Mac user.  :)

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    @jsbarrett whereas many of my favorite plug ins are Direct-X. We can, of course, share our VST. :D

  • @jsbarret Well Thanks, Audio Plugin Support would be Nice. But if you're Lazy and just want really want those Effects in Hitfilm. Adding the Effects and Attributes Manually would be the Way to go. Just Saying.



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