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  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    In response to having the Controls tab options twirl open by default, "Ah, HELL, no!" THX is asking for one of those tweaks that would likely help him on his current project, but I'll just assume he's never seen the inside of a particle sim. 

    By his own logic, it's just a couple of clicks to open everything up (especially with persistent trees) again. 

    That said, if it's possible to save the state of trees in a project file that would leave things open as they were when project was saved. 

  • @THX1139

    I can see expanding all controls on an effect if you've never worked with that effect before. But, I know when I need to tweak settings for a particular effect that I'm familiar with, I won't want the whole tree to expand. It would slow down production unnecessarily.

    Maybe Alt-clicking or Shift clicking the main arrow for the effect would expand/collapse the settings would work. But, I wouldn't want all the settings in an effect to expand completely. Especially when I'm just going to tweak or change a couple settings. 

  • I would like a Motion Graphic/Typography assets and stuff like that

  • @SonicRainbowBooom

    "I would like a Motion Graphic/Typography assets and stuff like that."

    What kind of assets? 3D text? Anything specific?

  • I wish that volume could be boosted greater than 12 dB. Something like 30 dB but even 20 dB would be okay. I'm not sure what reasons there might be for limiting it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 12dB boost is pretty standard in the industry. Every audio board ever maxes out at +12dB, as well as audio controls in most NLEs. Just noting this for reference. I'd agree more than 12dB gain would be helpful, but Hitfilm is meeting industry standard. 

    For more than 12dB of boost in Hitfilm, chain up multiple Channel Mixer effects for now. Each one should give another 12dB of gain. 

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    Triem23 I guess that in the film industry people are professional enough to capture sound at the right volume anyway and not need to change it so much but I'm just a noob with a cheap camera (and a camera phone) and no idea what I'm doing. Thanks for the tip.

  • That kinda brings up a question. If you are using the volume bar on the NLE to control volume and you need more than it supplies and therefore add an effect to the clip to get more boost, ...what is the execution order of the volume bar in relation to the audio effect(s). And does it matter end result quality wise?

    The volume bar is listed in the controls panel as a clip property which is above/before effects so by the way/rules that Hitfilm shows us it execution order the volume bar happens first.

    If you are really jacking gain you are probably going to want some noise reduction so it would seem that the volume bar could be best after such things occur.

  • An option to optimize stills, something similar to how Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder does it with AVI. Basically, what optimizing stills does is whenever you have a still (e.g. JPEG and PNG) and you wish to 'export' your final video, instead of the software saying "alright, render this out this many times and in this duration," it's instead like "render this out once for this duration". That's a massive simplification and I probably got the technical side of it completely incorrect. Essentially, if your video consists only of images that last for a few seconds it significantly reduces the file size and the wait times for exporting. Is it feasible incorporating that feature into Hitfilm? 

  • I have some narration in an audio track on my timeline and I have some composites which I'm working to synchronise with the narration. I have to switch back and forth between the timeline and the composite editor and manually enter the position of the playhead on the timeline to the position of the playhead in the composite editor. It would be nice if there was an automated way so I could right click on the composite on the timeline and go straight to the that same position in the composite.

  • In Media Panel: to see (visualisation) wich Media is already used in the timeline.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'll +1 phakerde on that. That's very useful for things like large sideshows for example. 

    Suggested implementation. Perhaps a small icon overlay in, oh, the lower right corner of the media bin thumbnail? Maybe steal a page from keyframing--have a white circle in the bottom right for unused media that turns blue if the media is in use? That means NOT designing a new icon, and having the circle turn blue somewhat echoes how keys work (white=off, blue=on)? 

  • @Triem23

    I, too, add a +1 for highlighting media in the bin that's used in the timeline. As in editing dramatic shows, you're bound to have multiple takes of particular shots in the bin. 

    Maybe another idea could be a way to highlight "favorited" clips in the bin. Possibly a green dot for preferred shots/takes, and a red dot for shots determined unfavorable.

  • I'll +1 media bin highlight of media on the NLE timeline. 

    @Triem23 "That's very useful for things like large sideshows for example. "

    Been there. Actually the first video I ever did (in Vegas).

    Since this is a wishlist a Ken Burns type slideshow is something that the Hitfilm NLE workflow is seriously inadequate to the task.

    You need to be able to tag media with keywords in Hitfilm. This goes with having smart folder/bins allowing us to see media which match the search criteria.

    You must have markers. We must be able to drop them during playback. This is about syncing to musical cues. Regions go along with markers.

    You need to be able to adjust controls (transform/effects) during playback. The flow from one photo to another is critical. So (endlessly! ) looping playback of a short region like 5 photos and tweaking the pan/crop/zoom/rotate of each one in relation to you want and the adjacent photos is very useful. 

    This all implies that you have to be able to keyframe from the NLE. Just having a feature is not good enough. You have to want to use it. Creating 350 comps from 350 photos just to be able to keyframe each photo is cruel and unusual punishment. The comp timeline makes a very poor NLE so cutting down on comps by putting multiple stills in each comp is not a good thing. Then there is the whole, your music file is on the NLE timeline and therefore you cannot hear sound in the comp thing in Hitfilm.

    When a snowball start to roll...

    Of course even Vegas was not ideal to the task. Setting up the clips on the timeline can be tedious. Vegas has a script engine. This lets the aftermarket fill in gaps the NLE has or automate various tasks. For this I found and used VASST StillMotion. This removed a fair amount of tedium and lets you get to the fun stuff quick(er).

  • I would like to be able to select multiple consecutive clips on the timeline and make them all into a composite where they remain in order with one layer ending where the next begins.

  • Collaborating in hitfilm like in soundtrap.

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    "Collaborating in hitfilm like in soundtrap."

    Can you elaborate? What is soundtrap used for? And how do they collaborate?

  • In the screenshot I'm keyframing the position of something. I then want to move to the next keyframe using the keyboard shortcut Alt+. but it doesn't work because I clicked on the layer to move it. The keyframe is still highlighted so Hitfilm should know what keyframe to advance to and should still respond to these keyboard shortcuts. Making me click on a keyframe with the mouse first negates the benefit of the shortcut in this case.


  • It would be useful to be able to see what the Editor preview window looks like whilst I'm working on a composite. This would save me having to keep going constantly between the Editor and Composite views when coordinating animations in a composite to match video on the timeline. I suppose this would be another window and would be most useful for people who have more than one monitor to use or just a really big monitor.

  • @Triem23 re: "In response to having the Controls tab options twirl open by default, "Ah, HELL, no!" THX is asking for one of those tweaks that would likely help him on his current project, but I'll just assume he's never seen the inside of a particle sim. "

    It doesn't have to be like that. Pick a simple rule for the UI and stick with it. ;)

    How about "every single place there is the opportunity for an action with the LMB, there should be useful variations for LMB+SHIFT, ALT and CTRL? Likewise RMB+ SHIFT/ALT/CTRL"

    Think of how things would open up everywhere. :)

    So you could SHIFT+LMB on an Effect 'open' triangle and it opens up the first level of the operations within it.  CTRL+LMB opens up those plus the second levels, ALT+LMB opens up the next level (anything have more than that?) Also, this would be recursive, so SHIFT+LMB on a second level operations list would open up all of its decedents only.

    Once you decide on how the rule works everywhere, it opens up a world of opportunities.

    Like a "Scale to Fit" button (the one below ESC and above Tab) "`¬¦" that you can use everywhere it would be useful. On composite length, window zoom level, layer length, expand view to selected in/out points and so on.  Also LMB+RMB together to do same thing (with some clever delays and menu/action cancellations/undos on actions that could be done by pressing only one of those). Plus, pressing it again would toggle back to what the previous setting was. If only one action possible, like In/Out points are same as full length, then it does nothing.

    At the moment the UI (apparently) just does actions based on a list of key assignments, with some cut'n'paste to fairly similar areas, rather than classes of key/button assignments.

  • Possibility to add markers during playback in the trimmer window. Also in the Viewer window when playing back editor/composite timeline.

    Add options to customize each transition: Controlls for its duration & Start/Center/End on cut between clips to which it is added.

    Add snapping to transitions start/end in the editor/composite timelines.

    Add Options to chose transitions as default and choose the default transition duration (frames/seconds), and a Keyboard shortcut to quickly add default transitions on clips.

  • @rollandb You can adjust the transition length and left/right edge. Just drag the edge, left and/or right, of the transition. If you want a centered transition but a different duration than default, 1 sec, then resize the transition and move it back onto center over the cut. This action is a bit tedious as you have to drop the transition someplace else. e.g. The edge of the left or right clip and then pick it up and drop it on center.

    Not sure what you mean by snapping transitions to the start end of the "timeline". You can snap them to the left right edge of a clip. Just drop them on the edge of a clip and not over a cut. Transitions only operate on the NLE timeline.

  • "So you could SHIFT+LMB on an Effect 'open' triangle and it..."

    Sounds reasonable.

    I would settle for a right click context menu "expand all" item. We have a collapse all.  Very curious that collapse was added but not expand. Things that make you go Hmmm.

    In my mind expand all would expand from the right click point and deeper into the property hierarchy (if any). Not all properties at all levels of hierarchy or all properties below the click point.

    One nice thing about right click context menus is that they self document the existence of a feature. Partial workaround to RTFM.

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    @NormanPCN - If you could set a default transition duration, I wouldn't have to resize each transition each time I add it... default duration currently is 1 second and I cannot change its default. If I have to add 15 transitions and I want them quicker than 1 second, and all centered, I have at least 30 manual adjustments to do.....

    As for snapping, maybe I used poor wording. What I meant is having clips on the NLE snap to transition's start/end points as well, besides snapping to clips/audio start/end points.

  • I'll +1 the above post.. 

    Default transition length would go in the preferences menu, right by default still/plane and composite shot lengths. 


  • +1 to rollandb's above post. 

  • Hi

    i would really like the option to select my own "default" export folder, like you can for proxies and stuff


    i think others would like it too

  • a Scopes addon for express

    The possibility to change the default LUT folder, so I don't have to navigate to it every time I want to apply a lut



  • I wish I could select multiple clips and rate stretch them proportionally together

  • @THX1139 you can if they're on different tracks. I just tried it.

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