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    @CedricBonnier yes, sorry, I was conflating the lack of visible Rocketstock thumbnails (specific case, it seems) with the lack of Composite thumbnails in general - both in the media bin and on the timeline.

    So, below are Windows thumbnails of those clips, and you can download them from the link in previous post to see they are ProRes 4444 format, which might be the issue.

    The lack of composite thumbnails, which means for anything that can only be done in a comp - text, custom transitions - let alone more complicated clips: you are editing semi-blind. Trying to find a specific clip on the timeline some time after you've placed it means playing hide'n'seek. A video made up entirely of unproxied composite shots is not easy to edit, as you can't even rename clips on the timeline to make them identifiable.

    @Triem23 , @THX1139 of course thumbnails can be cached. It shows thumbnails when you proxy a composite shot. See image below where first shot has been proxied and is first on the timeline, others are just the original composites and so are blank.

    It can do thumbnail creation intelligently to minimise the overhead to virtually zero:
    1) On first creation of comp from a Media Asset: zero overhead, just take them from the ones used in the Editor; they're just video frames/images.
    2) Create the thumbnail(s) sometime during editing of the comp and it'll always have it/them available. The frames have being drawn at some point, them.
    3) Things that fade up from Black during the comp, or fly in from off-screen (text, transitions)? Store three thumbnails, as with assets on the Editor timeline: head, middle and tail frames and cycle through them when the mouse hovers over them in the Media Bin, and use them on the Editor timeline for start, middle and end of clips.

    Good point on opening a new file and having it rerender the thumbnails. Hmm...either save them with the project file, or...single threaded background task, like Proxy creation. I'll wait for them to appear if it means I can start editing with 90% of the CPU/GPU available to me, Just do all the first frames, so all clips get something quickly, (turn off Motion Blur for speed, simplify lights?), then the middles, then the ends. Or - faster - just use the raw asset until the comp is opened when the thumbnails can be refreshed. This will get something on the Editor timelines. :)

    @JoshCEO said in the Facebook stream that the Editor was being improved because more people are using it. This might be where to do some of that improvement. :)

  • Triem23 but if only the first frame of the composite shot is needed, then there is surely no need to re-render every time some later part of the composite is changed? I don't know any programming but I imagine it's possible to ignore any changes after the first frame when deciding whether it needs to re-render.

  •  I wish the tooltip for the preview and trimmer play buttons also said that J and K are used to adjust speed of playback (people might then learn those shortcuts earlier and it would take up no more screen real-estate for the interface).

  •  Can we have the option of thumbnail only (minimal text) displays of assets in the Media Bin, like Windows (and other editors) does?

    Why do Composite shots display the audio specs of a clip in the Media Bin when the original media it came from does not? (see last image in post three above this one)

  • "It can do thumbnail creation intelligently to minimise the overhead to virtually zero"

    Agreed, but I'm not sure we want the FxHome guys spending time on that. I think we all can think of things we would rather have. FxHome uses UIDs to identify everything. Hitfilm also already has the concept of a cache(preferences) which uses the UID. So functionality of adding thumbnails to the cache exists with a lower effort. For a single or triple thumbnail then saving the thumb in the project file may be more appropriate.

    That said adding code to the execution loop(s) to detect a flag of "do I have a thumbnail saved" and taking action when a specific frame is rendered to transparently and low overhead create/update a thumbnail is some work.

    Since having a thumbnail for a comp is very useful and creating proxies just to get a thumb is excessive and I personally would rather FxHome spend time for other things I selfishly want, I would propose something dirt simple.

    Go manual. Have a right click item for the media panel that pops a dialog where we can enter a timecode and Hitfilm creates a thumbnail from that information. FxHome has gotta already have an internal procedure/function that takes a timeline entity and does a render of a specific frame. The particle sim certainly wants something such for texture(s). Invalidating the thumb should be trivial.

    The one thumb works for the media panel and certainly would help on the NLE timeline.

    "A video made up entirely of unproxied composite shots is not easy to edit, as you can't even rename clips on the timeline to make them identifiable."

    We can rename layers so why not NLE clips. A common Hitfilm WTF. Audio layer "eye" button is another but here the NLE has the function.

    The Hitfilm project file easily supports NLE clip renames. I know, I have tested this. It is just the UI that hides this functionality from us users.

    (side note: HF2017 has some "errors"(undefined) in the XML so editing these in an XML editor might be touchy). Cedric, I guess that is one way to limit the barbarians poking around inside. 

    It can be nice to have a longer name for the media panel but that can crap out (too long) on the NLE timeline and/or the layers window. We can often want a shorter identifying name due to space considerations.


  • @Palacono ;

    "Why do Composite shots display the audio specs of a clip in the Media Bin when the original media it came from does not? (see last image in post three above this one)"

    Composite shots always have video and audio components, regardless of the media (if any) that they were created from. That's why it's displayed in the media tree.

  • @THX1139 ;

    I would like it if there was a double row of tabs for 'MEDIA', 'EFFECTS'. 'CONTROLS' etc so I don't have to scroll backwards and forwards.

    This behavior appears to be unique to Windows and is, IMHO, an awful design. Modern apps don't do this.

    That File Properties dialog is badly layed out; a tree with expandable sections would be a better design. This is was what OSX does.

    We have made improvements to HF's use of screen space. We could do more by reducing the size of tabs for example.

  • @NormanPCN I agree there are more important things to worry about, but it's a wishlist. ;)
    Manual thumbs is an option, but if you've got the functionality to deal with holding and displaying them, might as well make them automatic.
    A background task trickling along grabbing a frame every 1/4 of a second when you reopen a project will have populated them all before you've got yourself comfortable and started to work again. :)

  • I wish to be able to remove a clip from a selection on the timeline by Ctrl + LMB (left mouse button). Currently you can add a clip to a selection by pressing Ctrl +LMB but doing the same again will not remove it like it would in Windows Explorer or many other programs (Inkscape, MS PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign). Selections do work this way in the Media bin in Hitfilm but I'm sure it's an oversight that it doesn't also work this way on the timeline.

  • I would like it if the media bin had separate folders for audio and video. I guess grouping by media is meant to separate them anyway? But in my case it doesn't work perfectly.

  • It would be nice to be able to move the keyframes selected below at the same time as shortening the length of the layer in the composite editor.

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    @THX1139 CTRL+LMB does deselect, but you can only do it to the left in the layer stack section, but it does select tracks on the timeline area.

    Same with SHIFT+LMB, which only selects a range when on the layers stack to the left, not on the timeline area.

    So...everything working everywhere would be nice. :)

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    It would be useful for me to be able to see the footage available underneath the playhead even though it falls outside the end of the layer length. Of course most of the time that's the opposite of helpful but it would be really useful to me to be able to toggle or have  button that you need to hold down to see the footage that exists in the layer but is not included in the composite (if you know what I mean).


    I also wish that the home, end and page up/down keys worked to navigate the media tab/bin.

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    I wish that the page here: would be updated to include:

    Make selected layers into Composite Shot - Ctrl+M 

    Slice selected layers at playhead position - Ctrl+Shift+D

    EDIT by @CedricBonnier: These are already documented in the latest version of the manual (the link above is the manual for HitFilm 1):



    I also wish that the last used font was automatically selected next time I make a text box AND if the last used, say, five fonts were kept at the top of the fonts drop down box for quick selection each time they're wanted.

  • I am not sure if I am supposed to post it here, since it is not a request for a new feature. But my request is to make scopes available for express in an addon. I would definetly buy it!

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    I wish that Shift+B was a shortcut for RAM preview. Nevermind.

    I wish there were two playheads and two preview windows so I could line up two clips at the same time to make a decision where I want to cut layers on the composite timeline. Currently I'm improvising with two VLC media player windows but it's not ideal.

    I also wish that some kind of error or useful information would be returned when attempting to use a composite as the source of a 'grading transfer' effect. Currently, it just makes the clip completely black so I think if it can't be made to work with composite clips (first preference) than at least some kind of feedback would prevent users wasting time and frustration.

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    I wish there was an option to display both the timecode and the number of frames at the same time, next to each other since I have plenty of unused space in that particular part of the screen and although the timecode gives an easier indication of duration, the number of frames is easier to remember (few digits) and work with for some procedures.

    I wish there were keyboard shortcuts for each of the tabs: MEDIA, EFFECTS, CONTROLS, HISTORY, TEXT and maybe TRACK (dunno what that one even contains yet).

    And I wish, as every child does, that you could move the masks around with the arrow keys (10 pixels with shift and 1 pixel without).

  • I wish there was a shortcut to move a bunch of layers so the top left corner meets the bottom right corner of the layers above. Hitfilm is a little inefficient, I think and move layers around in larger numbers gives me updates about every 3-5 seconds so it can take a while to position things correctly by mouse.

  • I'm kind of new to hitfilm. It's great! HOWEVER, one big annoying thing in hitfilm is the text feature... it's so time consuming sometimes. Even programs like after effects has a better text system. Just click on the text tool and BOOM! You writing text directly onto your video. I mean... seriously. I'm starting to get use to the text thing but it's still a little annoying... I hope you guys fix this (not saying you should change the current one). Like maybe give hitfilm the ability to put text in editor mood because from what I've known you can only put text when you're in compositing mood. I'm a visual person. I'd like to SEE that I've added my texts and stuff. But overall good job and keep up the good work! 

  • @THX1139

    The EDIT interface is for editing your footage.  Not the composite timeline. It might be best to edit your movie first. Then right-click on a shot - that needs effects - and make it a Composite Shot. After adding effects to it in the Compositing layout, switch back to the EDIT layout and BAM!! Your shot is done and edited to your desired length. It sounds like you don't want to plan out your films, and just work on the fly. Or get a second monitor. 

  • My work is planned out and all this is done in the composite shot because they're are certain effects that have to occur at the same time as certain points in the video. It would not be practical to have all the clips in the editor and continually switch back and forth. 

    There's no reason for moving layers to be so laggy. It's not like anything needs to be rendered. They're just stripes on a screen. 

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    I wish Hitfilm would awaken the disks with my proxies/pre-renders on whenever it takes focus so I don't necessarily have wait so long for the disks to spin up when I click on a layer.

    I wish the waveform on the layers of the composite editor could be made to take the full height of each layer to make the relatively small variations easier to see (could be made an option so people can also still see it in absolute volume form as it is now).

  • @THX1139

    "...certain effects that have to occur at the same time as certain points in the video. "

    What effects are you adding that affect two or more shots at the same time? 

  • Lines appearing on an image of a circuit as I establish which parts of the circuit are connected in the below videos which include the front and back of the board and an image of the multimeter screen. I also have a couple of bits that get enlarged at certain points to explain what the viewer is seeing. In the below screenshot, the top two images are stills with lightsword effects (bad effects to use on retrospect but I don't want to redo them). The clips below are chopped up of course because no-one wants to see this happen in realtime but the effects on the images above need to happen at the right time as I determine what is connected to what.

  • @THX1139
    It looks like each still image could be a Composite Shot with the necessary effects for that still contained within that one Composite Shot. Your screenshot shows the same Composite Shot being duplicated multiple times. You have three stills altogether it seems, which could easily translate into three Composite Shots in your Edit timeline. If the meter in the bottom right corner is a live video, that could easily sit by itself, or within its own Composite Shot if you decide to add effects to it. The project seems much more complicated than it needs to be.

  • It does not show the same composite shot duplicated multiple times; it shows totally  different shots with similar names and there are some which are the same shots with tracks sliced so I could cut out intermediate parts. If I did these all in distinct composite shots straight on the timeline then copying effects and other parameters and moving keyframes so that they line up among multiple layers at the same time would be a much more time-consuming operation. It's totally not an option to do these all separately. The time saved from Hitfilm not lagging would be completely abrogated by the time spent trying to replicate effects and timings of effects between a multitude of different composites.

  • @THX1139
    So, the shot is made up of two stills and one video layer? 

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    No, it's made of many video layers as you can see in the screenshot. Some of the layers got sliced but most didn't. I'm afraid that we are contaminating the wish list with stuff that isn't wishes.

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    In the following screenshot I am about to move the highlighted layer ends to the position of the playhead. It would save some hassle if the layers which follow on the timeline would move to the new end point. Obviously this isn't always what people want so I'm suggesting a new toggle-able behaviour like snapping which can be switched on and off as needed.

    I also wish for keyboard shortcut for speed/duration and for make proxy/pre-render or even a keyboard shortcut for every single thing.

    I wish that when using the Ctrl+J  shortcut with the frames display enabled, the number of frames would already be highlighted, enabling me to immediately begin to replace the number (instead of having to manually delete it first) which I generally find is quicker than trying to edit the number.

  • I wish that the items in the CONTROLS tab were automatically expanded when the CONTROLS tab is selected instead of being collapse. I could understand in some cases that people will want to expand only certain sections because they happen to have a lot of things under that tab in those cases but I think they are relatively few compared to the cases where everything fits into the available space anyway, and it's easy enough to collapse all in that situation.

    It would just save one or two extra clicks each time.

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